What Makes Your Mouth Water?

It is as if the scents of food are adorned with wings. They float around the room, enveloping you in their fabulousity as they come from the stovetop, toaster, hot plate, or oven. Nobody could ever deny that love they have for the smell of a home cooked meal and the power it has over our souls, hearts, and stomachs! Our tastebuds turn on, our eyes get bigger, and all of a sudden someone gathers the gumption to get up and set the table… because no matter what hour of the day it is, any minute could be meal time.

This blog is about to become your appetite’s new best friend. Whether it will be the simple recipes, gourmet tips, plating ideas, entertaining advice, or simply the photographs, there will be the guarantee of a stomach grumble or a new idea for each and every gaze to grasp!

So, bookmark it, write down the address, tell your friends, roommates, and neighbors… if you are a creative, curious cook… or if you want to learn how to be crafty in the kitchen, this fabulousfoodie is taking the keys and unlocking all of the doors!!


2 thoughts on “What Makes Your Mouth Water?

  1. I’ve bookmarked your blog and plan to stay tuned. Please help me prove to myself it’s never too late to learn new and healthy food tricks!

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