A resolution or just digging myself out of a hole?

So this Grad is still Gourmet but she has completely neglected to tell anyone about her creations…..

Yes, I graduated 8 months ago and clearly decided to let the real world take away almost all of my sparkle. With 2011 around the corner and all of this blah blah bullshit that I have seen on my desktop at work the past couple of mornings about resolutions and 2010 memories, I decided that I need to make some promises to myself.

Sharing all those promises is not as important as noting simply that I am going to write more.

A little anecdote to explain my promise. When I was 12 years old I handmade this gorgeous notebook as an assignment for my middle school art classes. I hand painted and bound it together by hand stitching it. The paper made you want to scribble all over it…. a thick card stock probably sized up to be around 10×12. For some time after I made it I would hole myself up in my room and put all my dreams in that book. I planned out my whole life. I still plan out my life, but back then I really made some serious plans. I made decisions about everything from the exact floor plan of a dream townhouse in NYC (it had a room dedicated to just pillows), to the names of my 3 children, and of course to the details of my dream job. Do I have my dream job? Absolutely not. Do I have a job. Yes. In order to get to my dream job, I need to write. Write till my fingers fall off and I get carpel tunnel. When I get my dream job, I will let you know, but until then, my new year’s resolution (I hate that phrase, honestly, 365 of promising something is for a complete idiot, life does not operate like that) is to WRITE.

This is not meant to be a sob story or a nastygram for the world to read about how antsy I am with the condition that my life is in now. It is meant to be the beginning of something much better than anything that I have done before…. Think it’s cliche, whatever, I really don’t care what you think. All I really care about is that you take my writing and use it! Take my word from my words. There is a reason I have survived this last year and it is because I have been able to jump into my kitchen, place those silly iPod earbuds in my ears, escape and create FOOD. Whether it is sweet, savory, healthy, or a heart attack waiting to happen….. ¬†Food is a powerful and beautiful thing that can make you smile, that roll your eyes back, forget where you are kind of smile.