Something to Share: The Sweet Life in Paris.

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I’ve been, but I was practically a baby. Paris has been calling me for the past couple of years… Maybe it was my camera that started dragging me there, but I think the official winner of the get me there now race, is my stomach.

I was 10 years old. All I remember, except climbing the seemingly billion steps up to Montmarte, or wiggling my way through the packs of adults at the Musee D’Orsay, or hearing real Parisians be rude (sorry.), was one of the most delicious 5 days of my life. Chocolat chaud flowing in an endless stream, croissants on each corner, pane au chocolat on crusty and delicious baguettes, and some of the most memorable restaurants and shopping windows a little awkward 5th grader had ever seen.

David Lebovtiz, I am counting on you, my idol food blogger and pastry chef, to take me there without me even attempting to pack a bag.

Amazon says the book will arrive at my gate in 3-5 days. Anticipation!!!!! Should I prepare some coq au vin and buy a baguette for dinner the night it comes? Peut-etre…

I even paid for the book with my American Express points (just like I would if I bought a plane ticket). Once it arrives, I am strapping myself  into my seat, and taking the journey (or pretending to) to Paris that I’ve been plotting to take. One day soon I will embark on my own sweet journey, but for now, I wait for my journey through Mr. Lebovitz’s account of a city made for love, and more importantly, food.

Scroll down to my links section, to find a way to read David’s blog.

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