Monday Morning SuperFood #2 – Avocados.

It’s Monday and our SuperFoodie Girl is back to talk about this weeks’ SuperFood…


I admit, when I was a little girl, I was frightened by the look, and sheer color of an avocado. The sight of them sitting in the fruit basket on the kitchen counter gave me the hebbeygeebeys… It’s skin looked like some sort of reptile, and the inside, green mush!?

Green is never a little girls’ friend anyway.

But then came the day when avocado made an appearance in my dinner salad. I felt like my tongue had just come across the most heavenly butter than God had ever created. But what was it? Had mom snuck something in there without telling me? Of course she did! That little trick is one of the many skills in a mother’s job description… duh. But that sweet, yet nutty flavor, enveloped perfectly amongst the red onions and bibb lettuce, smothered in a vinaigrette, wow! That was the day I started my love affair with avocados.

If you haven’t started your love affair yet, today is the day to do it. You are missing out on one nature’s greatest and most healthy gifts!

Taken from … look at this insane list of nutrients an avocado pumps into your system:

-Magnesium – good for bone health and energy

-Folate – helps red blood cell production

-Potassium – promotes muscle health

-Vitamin B – a metabolism aid

-Vitamin E – protects body tissue

-Vitamin K – creates blood clotting proteins

-Glutathione – energy boosting antioxidant

-Lutein – antioxidant for hair and heart health

-Monounsaturated fats – good fats for good heart health!


  • I think one of the saddest things to hear when out to dinner or sharing a meal at home with someone is the awful excuse of, “oh I probably should watch how much avocado I eat because they have so much fat in them!” That is actually precisely why you SHOULD eat an avocado. Those monounsaturated fats (plus all the fiber an avocado has) are going to fill you up and make you feel just that bit more satisfied, and hey, you are just taking that extra step to dodge the heart disease bullet and lower your cholesterol. I am not telling you to go out and eat 3 everyday, but a healthy serving of a few slices in your salad or on a sandwich will do your body right!




Picking an Avocado

In order to properly enjoy the goodness that an avocado has to offer, you have to know how to properly pick one! For those of you that have the type of grocery or farmer’s market where they spoil you with the “ripe now” stickers, you are exempt from this process. Lucky!

There are several varieties on the market, some are regional, but the two you will most likely find on the shelves are:


Haas Avocados ... Image from

Florida Avocados ... Image from

Don’t use color as the indicator for ripeness; they aren’t consistent enough. It’s all about how the avocado feels when you lightly squeeze it. My advice is to pick a variety of softness that way they don’t all get ripe at the same time. Never choose an avocado that has any indentations or super soft spots. You will cut open your avocado to find a stringy consistency and a lot of brown spotting. No bueno.


How to Get to the Good Stuff

All it takes is the simple cut of a knife in a perfect circle around the pit in the center of the fruit.


Image from

Ways to Eat an Avocado
Puree of Avocado Soup
Atop a bowl of Chili
Inside a sandwich
Mixed in to any salad
In chunks with a little lime and tomato and balsamic vinegar
On top of grilled chicken or fish
On top of a turkey burger
Plain, unadulterated, avocado

And then there is the best way to enjoy all that an avocado has to offer…

The Greatest Guacamole Ever

Simple, Fast, Easy, Addicting!

  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1 plum tomato
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Parsley (for garnish)

1. You will want to make your guacamole in the same bowl you intend to serve it it. Something smaller than a salad bowl, but bigger than a cereal bowl.

2. After cutting the avocado open, remove the pit carefully using the tip of the knife. Then score the avocado, 3 slices down, 3 across.

It’s as easy a few slices..

3. Using either a spoon or gently squeezing the avocado above the bowl, get all of the good stuff away from the skin

4. I am in the “don’t mash until all of the ingredients are in the bowl” club, so on top of the avocado you will want to first add 1/2 of the juice from the lime and 1/2 of the juice from the lemon

Both the lemon and the lime will keep the guacamole nice and green (no brown top here!)

5. It is then important to not only finely chop a small handful of red onion, but to blanch those onions. It will take the sting and taste of the onion down a notch so that the whole dish doesn’t have that overwhelming taste. You can blanch them by placing them in a bowl of boiling water for a minute or so, or running hot water over them in a strainer.

6. Dump in those onions (once all dried) and then a small handful of tomatoes (seeded and diced).



7. At this point all it takes is the smash and smush from a fork to combine everything all together into a beautiful, colorful, delicious dip!

8. Once it is all combined, at your discretion add a few pinches of salt and the secret ingredient…. a dash of sugar! You may also want to add the rest of the lime juice if it’s a flavor that you love.

Serving this recipe with a garnish of parsley, or even cilantro or basil, really completes the look!

If you haven’t tried these multigrain chips yet, they are the perfect choice to enjoy along with your bowl of guac. Made of a great combination of grains, including my favorite grain, Quinoa, they are so flavorful and healthy! If you want something to crunch on at work or during class, check out any of the “Food Should Taste Good” line.


The "Food Should Taste Good" company makes great products! Image from

I dedicate this post to one of the loves of my life, Christopher, the first person I revealed my secret guacamole recipe to. He might not know but I am his biggest fan, and I know he definitely has no idea how much I admire his culinary skills. Well maybe he does? With every dinner we have together, I try to plan how to get him as a head chef in my restaurant one day. We love to dream….

Take this SuperFood and run with it! Not only will you love the taste, but your body actually will love you for including it in your meal… And not to mention, it’s beautiful green color makes any table look that much more fabulous!


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