Velvety Healthy Lemon Chicken and Penne

I love deadlines, especially when I wait till the absolute last little minute to complete the task (jokes!!).

In this case, I just squeaked in an entry to Food Network for this month’s contest, boasting the theme “Pasta”

As promised I will share with you the recipe that for the first time ever I have actually written down. Until you spend the time thinking out proportions and ingredients, recipes are mystical. When writing down the recipe for all to see, the magic escapes the mystery, but in this case, this pasta dish is so stinkin good, I should’ve shared my secret months ago!

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing…

Velvety Healthy Lemon Chicken and Penne

Cook time: 30 minutes (chicken can be marinated overnight)

Level: Easy

Yields: 6-8 servings


For the chicken…

3 chicken breasts

8-10 ounces light Italian dressing (suggest: Newman’s Own brand)

¼ cup olive oil

¼ cup dry white wine

Juice from 2 lemons

2-3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

Dash of salt


For the pasta…

1 box whole grain penne

4 – 5 generous tablespoons soy butter (suggest: Earth Balance brand)

3 tablespoons whole-wheat flour

½ cup dry white wine

Juice from 2.5 lemons

½ cup grated parmigiano reggiano

Dash of salt

Freshly ground pepper

Chopped parsley for garnish



Begin by cleaning and trimming the chicken breast. Place in a marinade of a combination of all of the liquid ingredients listed for a minimum 30 minutes or overnight.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta until it is just al dente and drain. Wave a quick sprinkle of olive oil over the noodles and toss in a bowl to cool.

Grill or cook in a sauté pan over medium heat, all of the chicken until browned and cooked through. After removing it from the heat, cut the chicken into medium strips.

Finally, in a large sauté pan, melt the butter over a medium-low heat. As soon as it is liquid, sprinkle the whole-wheat flour throughout the pan and using a wooden spoon create a roux. Do not let the mixture burn, remove it from the fire if necessary.

Slowly add the white wine and lemon juice, adding more of the whole-wheat flour if the sauce gets too runny. After combining, it is time to toss in the chicken, coating it with the sauce, and at last the whole grain penne pasta. After giving it two to three minutes to absorb the flavors, finish off the dish with a healthy sprinkle of the parmigiano and salt and pepper to taste. Feel free to garnish each serving with some freshly chopped parsley and an extra side of cheese to complete the meal!

Easy, tasty... and healthy!

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