Mexican Scrambled Egg Whites.

After a night of culinary debauchery, it is only right to wake up in the morning and apologize to your body with a little detox.

They say the best way to cure a hangover is to keep drinking….. well the best way to cure a night of eating too much, is to keep eating, but eat healthy!

Spending time with one of my very good friends last night she gave me the great idea to change up  my usual egg white omelete and throw a little something different into the mix…  

Mexican Scrambled Egg Whites

3 egg whites

2 teaspoons water (or orange juice)

1 heaping tablespoon of salsa

1 handful of spinach

Dash of salt

Get your eggs seperated and in a small bowl. Add the water, or if you like orange juice, a little taste of that, and whisk them for a minute or so! That extra liquid will make for fluffier eggs…

Next, saute your spinach so that it is wilted… You can do that in a pan with a coating of olive oil spray if you wish. I think any spray like that is an awesome healthy alternative to getting your veggies properly cooked. Then get your eggs into the  mix and scramble them up!

Top it off with a heaping serving of salsa …

One of my favorite brands… find it at Whole Foods.
…and you have an awesome breakfast ready for you! Well balanced, full of protein and nutrients, and of course a serving of vegetables to start the day.

If you want, put a dash of salt over top and toast yourself a piece of healthy whole grain bread to eat it with. Perfect way to get over the pasta and meat binge from the night before…

My favorite whole grain bread! High fiber, low calories, full of grains

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