School Project: Chocolate Chip Cookies.

My friend Chris and I got fancy in the kitchen last night.

For one of his classes, he had an assignment to tell a story in black and white photographs (why didn’t I know about this class when I was at  Villanova!?!)

Black and white photographs are all about contrast. Chocolate chip cookies are the perfect food to demonstrate that…  the brightness of the flour, and the dark chips look awesome in b/w….. Not to mention, it was so nice having someone by my side in the kitchen so I didn’t have to do it all!

Check out what we came up with…

How to make:

Aly’s Award Winning Chocolate Chip Cookies. (click for recipe)


He’s not bad for a rookie, right? 🙂




4 thoughts on “School Project: Chocolate Chip Cookies.

    • Yeaaa I was little miss boss, he couldn’t screw up haha …. wish I could bring you the leftover cookies co-manager! When are we opening the bakery!!!

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