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Food Network started the promos and I started a countdown. The new FN show, “Kid in a Candy Store”, premiered last night and I was crazy excited about it. There is nothing I love more than when Food Network creates a show that isn’t a lame no personality no excitement cooking installment. How could you not be excited about Adam Gertler, an adorable ex-Food Network Star contestant, taking you from sweet, to ridiculously tasty treat, and finding them from the Best coast to the West coast? There are only 6 episodes planned for this series, but just from this premiere, I sense a future “Diners Drive-ins and Dives” calibur show here!

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Check out the series promo!

Whether you want to get a taste of hidden secrets, like Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank California, Papabubble in NYC, or take a peek into the incredibly famous and absolutely mouthwatering restaurant Chocolate by the Bald Man from the amazing chocolatier Max Brenner, Adam will find it all for you.

Max Brenner is a chocaholic’s dream man. He is known for making savory cuisine sweet,  and anything you think you know chocolate to be, something extra special. Adam will take you to Brenner’s latest addition to the family, the Chocolate by the Bald Man in Las Vegas, and bring you within arms distance of the infamous chocolate pizza and also the chocolate version of.. yes, egg rolls. Chocolate by the Bald Man stretches nationally and globally.. from Philadelphia, to New York, to Las Vegas, or across the ocean to Singapore, the Philippines and Israel.

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I ate at Brenner’s New York City location and saying that it was a memorable experience is an understatement. The frozen chocolate frappe in an “Alice” cup, a one of a kind design featuring a metal straw, is a taste that I have yet to find elsewhere.

Take a look into Max Brenner’s World.

Just a few neighborhoods away, in Little Italy, the next feature is the hard candy mecca, Papabubble. Candy making is something that I just don’t have enough experience with, so I am always transfixed by an inside scoop into that world. You will get a peek into what it is like to stretch, flavor, and handmake all kinds of candy confections.


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Papabubble can make you custom lollys, handmade rings, or even handfuls of their amazing looking pillow candies. Next time I am in NYC, I will definitely stop by for a little baggy of suckers.

Look at all of Papabubbles handmade candies.

Adam’s final stop on this episode was in Burbank, California, at Yummy Cupcake. Take cupcakes and multiply them by 200. This little cupcakery, with several location in California, takes a predictable cupcake and makes it so unpredictable. With 286 varieties, making 47 of them Vegan, and 12 Sugar Free, they have been creating awesome ideas since 2004.


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Adam got to taste variations such as tomato soup cupcakes, turkey gravy cupcakes, and an idea that I will definitely give a try at, cupcakes in a jar! I loved all of the ideas, if only I could taste them… especially their cannoli cupcake!

Check out their menu for February 2011.


So, if you missed last night’s episode, it will be re-airing on Sunday at 4:30 eastern time. I highly suggest setting a DVR recording.

Awesome job Food Network!

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