The Red Velvet Smile Maker.

The Take Away Gourmet Red Velvet Cake.

Sometimes you just have to let food comfort you. This post is dedicated to my mom’s boss, Chuck Adams, the man who put a smile on my face today when I least expected it. The owner of the Waldwick, New Jersey based catering company, Take Away Gourmet seems to just do it all. And do it all right….

Any of you that know me know that I am practically the commander of the red velvet cake police. I love my recipe for red velvet so much that I find myself on a constant search for a baker that can challenge that affection. I have tasted so many failed attempts at this southern speciality and my hopes of ever finding something that wow-ed me was waning.

One of my greatest heart breaks was the red velvet cupcake from Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, NJ. There is really nothing much to say except that it was purely a tastes-like-cardboard disappointment. It might just be me, but I think that the Cake Boss should stick to his cannoli… Just a few weekends ago, my heart broke again when I tasted a red velvet cupcake from Viking Bakery in Ardmore, PA. My apologies to this Main Line landmark but, ick.

But Chuck, you really did it with this one. I am not sure whether it was the perfectly combined cream cheese frosting, or the dense but super moist and crumbly cake (just how I love it) but oh. my. wow, a bright red beauty! The amount of care that he takes to not cut corners, and to perfectly craft each step as he puts together his recipes, does not go unnoticed. This cake was truly perfect.

Maybe one day I will be able to get the recipe from him, but until then, I can’t wait to have another bite of this delicious treat after dinner tonight. I hope just as he made me smile when I needed it, I reciprocated 🙂 . Chuck, and Take Away Gourmet, are truly prize winning!


Take Away Gourmet

26 West Prospect Street

Waldwick, New Jersey



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