Where there is no Sunday Brunch….

There is a breakfast fit for a champion…..

Sunday morning is a great time to celebrate your week, whether it was the best 6 days of your life, or whether they were 6 days you prefer to never think about again.

No matter what kind of week I have, Sunday can only begin in one way, with a special breakfast. Every other day I succumb to egg whites and oatmeal, so Sunday always brings some kind of sweet treat.

Today I wanted to go to Standard Tap in Philly for brunch, but with a change in plans, it was breakfast in the big kitchen…

This Sunday’s treat was quick, healthy, and completely satisfying.

Start with any type of frozen whole grain waffles… Van’s makes a bunch of awesome options like this “lite” variety which are my favorite.

I try to keep all my breakfasts full of whole grains since they are amazing for your body, so these waffles are always a nice option. With a hint of cinnamon baked in they are so light and fluffy and taste practically home made!

Topping off this morning’s plate came a dollop of protein from an all natural unsweetened peanut butter, add a small cup of maple syrup, and of course a healthy serving of fresh fruit that I just bought from the produce market! A complete, treat!

Now all that I have left to say is, Good Morning!

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