Favorite Food of the Week: FroYo.

To show simple gratitude for allowing me to perch in their comfy leather chairs every other day, this week’s favorite food spotlight is dedicated to Saxbys Coffee in Wayne, PA. When I say every other day, I mean every other day. There is something about the cozy atmosphere, exposed brick walls, adorable patrons, and ego-less baristas that makes my creative clock tick when I am there. I do almost all my writing and photo editing with my laptop balancing on one knee, and cup of name that drink in my right hand, and whatever Pandora station fits my mood for the day quietly humming through my headphones.


the view from my seat.

I love hearing all of the sounds, the loud steaming of milk, the grinding coffee, the blending of ice, or the best sound, the endless scoops from the jars of toppings used to decorate their non-fat frozen yogurt, or as they call it, “FroYo.” The tartness is accented so perfectly by any combination of toppings; my preference? chocolate chips and toasted silvered almonds. On the days when I fear a FroYo overdose, I usually opt for a green tea or of course the best thing I have ever tasted, from any coffee shop, their sugar-free, non-fat Chai latte. Starbucks and most coffee houses take the easy way out and use Tazo brand chai, but my tongue has sadly gone numb to that. I am not sure what Saxbys secret ingredient is for their chai but it is an amazing all year round treat with my summer staple being their Chai fro-latte, their awesome take on a frappuccino!


Check out another super cool blogger, “Not Just Take Out” and her take on the Saxbys in Manayunk!

Saxbys Coffee

11o E. Lancaster Avenue

Wayne, PA 19087


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