Eat Local: DiBruno Bros.

Welcome to the final day in February! I’m not counting down or anything (wink wink!) but there are a lot of exciting spring time happenings that become all that much closer with the arrival of the month of March. One of those things?

The debut of DiBruno Bros in the Ardmore Farmer’s Market.


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If you haven’t caught on yet, I get really excited when a part of Philadelphia moves into my hood. I know the city is just a 20 minute drive away, but very rarely is it ever that easy to make a quick trip in and out, except maybe for a cheesesteak run at 2 am!

DiBruno Brothers will certainly be welcomed with open arms when they turn on their cash registers next month. There is no doubt that their new Ardmore location will not hold the same market style ambiance that the original Chestnut Street location is known for, but still what a great addition to the area, bringing along cooking demonstrations, specialty items, and of course, the cheese! It will be all right there,  just a hop skip and a jump down Lancaster Avenue. Speaking of the cheese which they are wildly famous for, I can’t forget to mention, hand pulled mozzarella on site at Ardmore Fridays and Saturdays?? You know there will be a Caprese salad on my table at least one weekend a month!

So, Main Line Mamas, prepare your cheese boards.

My overnight getaway to Philadelphia this weekend culminated with an extremely anticipated stop at DiBruno’s. The market shares the same city block as our hotel, The Sofitel, so attempting to live as realistically as possible in city girl fashion, a morning stroll to the market for breakfast had a prime spot on the agenda.

Amongst all of the DiBruno delicacies and smells that had my mouth-watering as I paid the market a visit this weekend, it was if they had prepared for my arrival. Villanova Basketball shortbread cookies, the way into this girl’s heart… How did they know?

Our dinner the night before was completely cheese laden so as much as I wanted to sample everything I saw in their “Cheese Cave”, my taste buds were protesting. Instead, it was time for a morning wake-up with a stop at their breakfast area. Along the way we were greeted by endless supplies of imported olive oils, vinegar, and handmade pastas. I scooped myself up a bottle of Basil Oil and I was so excited to finally find some Farro Fettucine! Hello future recipe.


One of my favorite things about the market is the way they support so many local bakeries. There are all kinds of baguettes ranging baked by the best, from Sarcones to Le Bec Fin!

I am a sucker for seed encrusted bread and had to tame my hand from taking the entire basket full of these whole grain dinner sized rolls when I came upon them. The dough had this sweetness about it that I just adore, not to mention, I would love to know the secret on how they pack so many seeds on top of one small surface.

To add to the great bread selection the breakfast area had endless amount of pastries, muffins, bagels, and the best of the best Illy coffee.

I was not expecting to see such a delicious cupcake selection, so I couldn’t help but bring one of their Mint Chocolate Chip varieties home for the little one that I babysit to taste with me. The first thing she said, “I love it because the icing isn’t sickeningly sweet!” With a perfect portion of sugar and a big pop of mint, the buttercream icing was an excellent compliment to the moist and chocolate cake it sat upon. Extremely well done.

I wished that I had a reason to bring home more of their bakery items as they clearly put in the work to make them perfect.

I mean, do you see that crumb cake on the bottom shelf?

A perfect fit in the life of a girl who more than appreciates food, I cannot wait to be able to pay a weekly visit to the location in Ardmore. No matter how nice a grocery store is, there is nothing like shopping in a place that prides itself on history and authenticity of its product.

I guess I will just have to keep counting down for now …

Pay them a visit!

Di Bruno Brothers (Since 1939)

1730 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, Pa.

(With other locations in the Italian Market and the Comcast Center)


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