Favorite Food of the Week: Taza Chocolate.

The high I get from finding a little shop that sells Taza Chocolate is almost equivalent to the high I get when I see a pair of gorgeous shoes at the store. Maybe I don’t shriek like I do when I’m shoe shopping, but I am more than willing to go out of my way to pick up a hunk of this amazing gift to the world of chocolate! Just like I will spend almost any amount of money on fabulous shoes …… I will also spend any kind of money for just two coaster sized discs of Taza Chocolate. This weekend it was $4.50 in an adorable prepared foods shop on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn.

The brand, the baby of 3 creative entrepreneurs, was born in Boston, MA in 2006. I will never forget my first taste of it about 8 months ago at a local coffee shop on the Main Line. Packaging is a beautiful thing. It can make or break a product. In the case of Taza’s Chocolate Mexicano Discs, their attempts to be different were not in vain. Who else sells chocolate in circles? That’s what caught my eye, that’s what got to me to buy. I love it! And the $4.50 … That’s about the average price for 2.7 ounces of of their stone ground chocolate and it is incredibly reasonable. With your first bite you can taste the high quality of work they put in to provide their customers with the best ingredients and craftsmanship. Stoneground chocolate has this consistency about it that words don’t even begin to do justice too. They care so much about their quality that they encourage their customers to go on the Taza website and type in the batch number of the item purchased and they will tell you how it is made … Genius! The world needs more companies that care as much as Taza does.

So whether you are are a self made chocoholic or maybe you are just craving a little something sweet..

Find yourself some Taza chocolate this week!

For all of you Philadelphians these fabulous vendors will hook you up –

1. Gryphon Cafe in Wayne

2. Clock Tower Cafe in Paoli

3. Green Aisle Grocery, 1618 E. Passyunk Ave

4. Falls Flowers, 3747 Ridge Avenue


From the Chocolate Mexicano Discs



To the Chocolate Nibs (awesome from baking!)



Or the Stone Ground Chocolate Bars



And how can you resist, chocolate covered nuts?



They have something for everyone. In doing a little more research today I also found recipes on their website. The circle is complete…. Great chocolate, creative products, an awesome mission, and recipes? I would say it’s too good to be true, but I am sitting here breaking off pieces of my Vanilla Chocolate right now and it is amazing.


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