Cooking for Cute Kids.

One of the ways I describe myself is a mother without my own children. But sometimes, I feel like I do have children, or at least little sisters and brothers. To say that I love the munchkins that I care for is an understatement. I adore them, would take a bullet for them, and will do just about anything to be there for them when they need me. I promised myself to do what I love every day, and how lucky am I to have two wonderful families that allow me to be a part of the lives of their amazing children?

Not only do I get to spend time playing, doing homework, and going on adventures with these little ones… I get to cook for them. Cooking for kids is such a rewarding experience. They request simple meals, and love when you make them fancy. From creating cupcakes together, introducing lemon chicken into their world, or crafting homemade pizzas for dinner, we have fun and they fill their tummies!

This week I had two of the munchkins over at my house for a “Cook the Cover” celebration. With the tomato soup and citrus spinach salad, I also threw together a bowl of my No Fail Chicken and Rotini Alfredo and Grilled Cheese! A smile is all the thank you that I need… and boy did I get some great smiles.




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