A Recipe for Love.

You can dumb down love all you want. You can be the one that tries to be bigger than it, or the one that tries to shut it out, or even the one that pledges to never let yourself feel it. But if you are a lover, it is what you live for. For those that are in love with love, there is no need to reduce it to something more manageable, or push it aside, because true lovers surround themselves with its many manifestations each and every day, from the moment they open their eyes in the morning, to seeing it as the substance of their dreams.

I live each day and love each day to the fullest… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

No matter the number of broken hearts, or the amount of love given in vain, I will never give up on love, because without it, what are we?

Lipstick stained faces, big hugs and couch cuddles hold strong amongst the many irreplaceable memories of my childhood. I remember seeing the plentiful devoted type of love found in my parent’s eyes that they kept for one another and shared with my sister and I, and the love as your lifeline kind of love that only a grandmother or aunt understands.

At 22 years old I am still feeling and seeing that love every day, even though I have very much outgrown the weekend sleepovers at Nana’s, and my parents now live in seperate houses. It is different now, but still it is ever present. I get emails for visits just to get quick kisses from the suddenly tech saavy 80 year olds, hand written letters from far away sending Xs and Os, and best of all the never embarrassing acknowledgement of love that my Dad and I exchange, no matter how much we annoy one another, as he asks “Who loves you more than me?” and I reply “Nobody.” … something that has been the routine since the first bedtime I can remember.

So when I squeeze your cheeks, or tell you how much I love you, or hug you till you lose your breath… or when I try to plan surprises, stay on the phone for hours, or give a gift on a whim without expecting one in return, it is because I live my life based in love, and loving is what makes me happy.

But I write this post not to deter from the real purpose of GtoG, which is the daily appreciation of food, and instead use it to provide a deeper understanding of why I jumped off the cliff risking it all to see if my parachute would open so as to land in my own place in the food world.

… It is because to me, food, cooking, and sharing a meal together is one of the most beautiful expressions of love there is.

A silent kind of love… serving you a plate of food like planting a kiss on your cheek, or sharing a dinner reservation together while enjoying the amazing slowing down of time and intimacy amongst chaos that restaurants provide, or of course, just the simple joy that swims around my kitchen when I find myself prepping and preparing a meal while those I love are perched at the kitchen counter. This is the love that I share with my family and best friends. And with you, I share love in every recipe, photograph, review, and write up that I post, because I am madly in love with what I do.

“Do all things with Love”. “The power of Love is God’s greatest gift to man.” “Love completely.”

… reminded of this each time I leave my room.

And it is to all of you that I say, do what you love, as I have learned in these past few months, that there is nothing more rewarding. The physical expressions of love are the most raw and real example of human kindness, but it is the silent types of love, like the ones that are slowly cooking in your kitchen, or being thought up in the minds of the greatest chefs, that I remind you to appreciate as well.

Each time food touches your lips … remember that you are receiving one of the most wonderful kisses in the world.

So it’s okay to fall…… Your parachute will open if you let your heart open.



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