Sprin(G)rad) In(T)o) Cleanin(G)ourmet).

It takes a certain kind of person to eat duck fat fried potatoes, handmade pastas, and red velvet everything on a daily basis.

I admire that person. I also am not sure how that person does not have heart failure walking up a flight of stairs.

I love food, yet there are moments when I have to remind myself that it is probably best to love your health just a teensy bit more. As much as I aspire to be the person with the iron clad metabolism and the endless Mary Poppins carpetbag for a stomach, my body is quite revolutionary and would throw up an armed protest if I attempted to play that role….

Spring has sprung and so must I .

I find that Spring is the perfect time to promise yourself a more steadfast conscience when it comes to your kitchen decisions. It is the season when one remembers that yes, there is more than root vegetables and warm comfort food… and settling for hothouse fruits and veggies becomes an overpriced gut rencher of the past. After a season of crop freezes, crappy lettuce, and incredibly expensive produce, I know for sure that I am not the only one that is looking forward to the beautifying of the produce market.

So, for the next few weeks, if you need to find me I am stage left with a daily fresh fruit smoothie, my issue of Whole Living, the broom to brush cob webs off of my running shoes, and a very adorable dog that smells sunshine and waits by the door every afternoon begging for what can amount to, oh just a half marathon through the Main Line.

The new GtoG mantra?

Spring Cleaning. Clean Eating… and of course

All things in moderation.



2 thoughts on “Sprin(G)rad) In(T)o) Cleanin(G)ourmet).

  1. Love it Aly…I’m right there with you!
    A great post to read on this SNOWY morning when it all still seems so far away…..

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