West Chester Dining: The Pale Horse Gastro Pub.

There is something so enticing about the word NEW. New implies a sense of excitement, curiosity, and originality that no other adjective has the power of gifting to what it precedes.

Although new is not the first word I would use to describe The Pale Horse Gastro Pub on Gay Street in West Chester, it deserves all of the well wishes of that word. Open for 6 months, but just recently graced with a beautiful red sign on its historic facade, curiosity and excitement are definitely part of the vibe. But it is the originality that deserves a chance to shine too, if it doesn’t already just from the slightly morbid, but definitely different name. You aren’t going to find The Pale Horse just trotting into West Chester, it is cantoring, bringing the town that is quietly bubbling to a boil with some of the most delicious cuisines the burbs have to offer, a menu of dishes that stand apart from the other eateries in the neighborhood.

Credit to the owners, a young group of guys, all approaching 30, for adding a spin on what it means to be restauranteurs. The Pale Horse isn’t on its way to becoming just a neighborhood spot, it really could become a second dinner table for families, friends, couples, or beer and wine aficionados alike. The atmosphere lends to it, quaint and simple, but so does the menu and quality of the dishes… you feel like they thought them up just for you.

Tomorrow, the Spring Menu debuts for dinner.

If this beautiful season, signifying the epitdome of the word, new, wasn’t your favorite before…. it will be once you have your fork or spoon head on into some of these items. Fresh, colorful, and totally loveable…. from soups to sinful sweets!


An unmistakable and incredibly creative home run to start off your meal, find yourself tasting some of the greatest flavors together in this bowl. The filet tip, mushroom, and garlic soup, with a dusting of black truffle and basil is definitely going to blow you away… or just make your tongue explode. The little bits of filet and the amazing influence of the truffle which looks insignificant but adds so much, creates a palette prepper unlike most!

and Salad…

Crisp spinach, serving as the bed to a generous portion of slow cooked duck breast, pan seared, drizzled with a black cherry balsamic reduction and accented by slightly soft granny smith apples, buttery goat cheese, a sprinkling of mozzarella, and completed with toasted pine nuts….. gourmet hodge podge, that transforms itself into a perfect spring time dining oasis of ingredients.

and an Entree…

Two boar chops, char grilled perfectly and seasoned appropriately to mesh with their sides, a hearty mound of nutmeg accented pureed sweet potatoes, a spectacular sweet and savory cranberry and red onion compote, and a few spoonfuls of cinnamon infused stuffing that is enough to satisfy all needs for comfort, freshness, and substance.

and finally, a Sweet…

Chef Vogt calls it a Hazelnut Meltaway, I prefer to think of it as the new favorite dessert. Not only does it melt in your mouth, and the hazelnuts and phyllo dough add that unexpected crunchy kick, but as very often restaurant brownies are second rate, this one tops the charts. Its unfairly moist and chocolately persona is encased in phyllo dough and baked to perfection, completed with a just perfect amount of raspberry whipped cream prepared right before plating. One of a kind, and kind of amazing.

May it not go unmentioned that The Pale Horse is also a proud owner to an awesome beer and wine list, all carefully chosen to match with the ingredients in their dishes and the interests of their customers. Tasting this meal with endless glasses of  Ruta 22 Malbec, an Argentinian wine, and a P.K.N.T Carmenere, Chilean, was just the way to complete the meal.

Hard working, risk taking, food loving, crowd pleasers … these are the important words to describe a group of guys that have been around the block, and set out every day to share their expertise with their patrons.

Support local eats, make your reservations, and prepare to be impressed.

The Pale Horse


31 E. Gay Street

West Chester, 19380



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