Passed Down: 5 Great Kitchen Tips from the Old World.

We are a people that is constantly editing. We cut and paste, we drag and drop, and we delete and save. If something is bad, there are multiple forums to hem and haw about it. If something is great, word of mouth could be enough to make it extraordinary. If we want to forget something, that is easier said than done, but it is done, every day.

But what about how we save something. We write it down, sure, but we also enlist the beauty and power of practice.

The most worthy traditions of the past are saved through action. Each day I spend in the kitchen I act out so many wonderful and incredibly useful pieces of advice that my Great Aunt Tita brought with her from the Middle East to America, from her childhood, relatives, and housekeepers and from their families and and their youth. For this, I will forever be a better cook, and I will always have a connection to my family and where I came from. Share in them with me… and continue the action of saving something precious.

5 Old World Tips for a New World Kitchen

  1. To remedy a burn on your finger …. as soon as you feel it happen …. quickly put the burn area right onto one of your ear lobes and the stinging will vanish!
  2. To prevent yourself from crying when you chop your onions ….. make sure that the sun is behind your back as you chop! No tears.
  3. To save an accidently burned pot or pan …. fill the damaged dish full with water mixed with baking soda and allow it to simmer on a low fire. The pot will slowly be saved!
  4. To remove the smell of onion and garlic from your finger tips …. after the prep is done, rub your fingers on a metal spoon. No more reminders of the day’s meal left behind on your hands.
  5. To keep your dishes hygienic …. Never clean a dish that had raw meat, fish, or eggs with hot water … always rinse them first with cold water to remove the residue, otherwise it will cook the ingredients on to the dish.. leaving germs and smells.


Have other great kitchen tips from your family that you want to add? Comment and let me know! or tweet me @gradtogourmet


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