Favorite Food of the Week.

In my household there is a drawer devoted to chips. The true test of a chip is how long its shelf life, or shall I say, drawer life is. If you see a bag in the drawer more than a week after its debut… chances are it’s a bad chip…. unless it is a Costco sized bag of chips (we aren’t heathens for goodness sake). The stamp of approval comes when a bag is consumed two days after you embark on the usually frightening separation of the seal. Maybe it’s just me, but I have images of chips flying everywhere haunting me each time I break open a new bag…. because I’m a klutz perhaps?

Image from seasonssnacks.com


Michael Season’s chips don’t even last a few hours in the vice grip of any of my family members. Credit to Dad for their discovery, and credit to Whole Foods for being our supplier … the first crunch is all it takes to understand why the tag line is “feel good snacking”. You can give them a try in a variety of flavors, like salt and pepper or unsalted, styles, such as ripples or thin and crispy, and they even offer a baked or a kettle cooked option. I think the only thing Mr. Season and his chip factory does wrong is that they are a bit too humble …. time for them to change their tag line to “Feel AMAZING snacking.”


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