And the winner is…. !!

If you ask me do I get a thrill from competition? Yes. Do I like to compete? Truthfully, I would much rather be a fan. It’s not that I avoid competition, but it isn’t something I hold as an important part of who I am.

When it comes to dealing with my recipes though, putting on the gloves sounds just fine to me.

It is time to reveal a few of the big ideas I have baking in my oven right now, or shall I say, let me reveal a few ovens I hope to find myself baking in someday soon.

The Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest 2012.

(About the Contest)

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Even though the final rounds of this contest take place a year from now, and I must admit I never use pre-made pillsbury rolls, or crust, or dough – I have been enamored with the Bake-Off since I was a little kid. After further investigation, I am absolutely game for this one, as there are a ton of different products I can use to create a million dollar recipe!


The Jelly Belly $10,000 Cupcake Challenge

(About the Contest)

The arrival of Spring means one thing to me, the beginning of cupcake season. Jelly Bellys come in the most beautiful colors and flavors, and it seems that with the focus being on the design and not necessarily the taste, this might be the be the perfect opportunity for me to take a dive into the decorating world. $10,000 for a work of culinary art? What’s not to love?


The Real Women of Philadelphia Contest

(About the Contest)

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Camera friendly, not so much, but I guess there is a first time for everything! Getting a chance to meet the queen of “just add a stick of butter” Paula Deen, and also being able to represent the 215, just by videotaping the piecing together of one of my recipes using the best of the best, Philadelphia Cream Cheese? Yes I can! (I just might need a videographer… Sign ups are open!!)


Promise me you guys will be in the bleachers cheering me on?



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5 thoughts on “And the winner is…. !!

  1. Is that the cupcake challenge Grandma Pat sent you the info on?? She mentioned something about it to me and said “if there is anyone I know that could win it, it would be Aly”! Go for it!!!

  2. I’ll certainly be there in your cheering section (I’ll try to behave) and am officially volunteering to be a taster. Good luck! V.

  3. Hello Aly! I recently came across GtoG as I was searching for the best homemade vanilla ice cream recipe to whip up for my family. Just have to say that your recipe was by far the best ice cream that any of us have ever eaten! As your Uncle is a Breyers fan, down in the SouthEast (South Carolina), Blue Bell ice cream (Homemade Vanilla) is the best money can buy. I will say that your recipe outdid our Blue Bell lovers taste test! “There’s no competition” as my Dad put it.
    After viewing this great site, it’s obvious that you are a very passionate person- I can appreciate this as the most important things in my life are also Family, Friends and wonderful Food!
    I’m currently trying to decide whether or not to attend a professional cooking school. Nobody in my Fam is really a “foodie” except me, and I’m absolutely in love with everything about it! Food does taste better when prepared in All-Clad, and when I hear the motors in my cuisinart processor and Kitchen Aid Mixer, I can’t help but smile. LOL
    It is funny how a person’s passion can completely change their life!
    So now, where to begin…I’m sure that my transition from nuclear chemistry to culinary arts is going to be the most interesting (yet rewarding) thing I’ve ever done!
    Keep up the good work!
    (and best of luck at the cupcake challenge!)

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