Eat your way, through the day.

There are some days when I just throw in the towel and embrace the oh so satisfying food coma. Yesterday was one of those days. It was a day when I got to spend time with my favorite people and enjoy sharing conversations over big plates and sweet treats, only to then tuck myself in with my food baby and my forever memories.

With Mama in town for the day, although always special but recently more frequent, I was so happy to have my eating buddy with me. Even though the two of us could spend every minute of every day talking about food, we are uncharacteristically indecisive when it comes to picking a restaurant, especially when lunch is involved. Maybe it is because I have lived along the Main Line my whole life, and she spent 22 years of married life as a Main Line mommy, but it always seems difficult to settle on a place to have more than just a fast casual lunch!

After much consideration, the feeling was Asian and the choice was Azie on Main, something lunch fancy, but high quality.

Or so we thought…..

The atmosphere was perfect for a mommy daughter lunch. Situated in our own quiet booth to snuggle and chat in, it was the perfect place to watch the restuarant happenings. We were also one of four tables with guests in the whole place. I don’t mention that to show that the restaurant was quiet, I mention it because the entire time we felt like we were being rushed out of our seats and back into the parking lot as if they had a line of diners waiting to take our place. The wait staff cleared the table while I still had my soup spoon immersed in my bowl, and food was removed before we were both done enjoying it. Did they know the cardinal rules of waiting a table? NEVER clear it before all parties are finished eating….

The California roll was satisfying, and the miso soup was very creatively accented by mini mushroom, but everything else was just okay. For a $12 “lunch set” you still left hungry. I don’t know, Asian restuarants are usually my favorite for lunch, but this lunch was not something we would run back to enjoy again.

Well, FroYo always makes us feel better, so we stopped and got a taste of the new spot, Yogo Sano, in Wayne. Incredibly sterile in appearance, not only because of their stark white decorating decisions, but also because the space is simply too large, it is easy to forget how awkward you feel standing in the middle of this big shop as soon as you dig into their Sweet Italian Cream Tart Yogurt. It is one of very few USDA certified frozen yogurt vendors in the country, free of hormones and additives, and created from equipment and product sent straight from Italy. That difference is definitely accounted for in the incredibly high quality taste. Don’t expect to be able to serve yourself, but expect to be wowed by creative toppings ranging from very fresh fruit, to in-store created sauces. $3 dollars for a “Picolli” size, I chose the hazelnut crunch topping which is like Ferrero Rocher candies on Exstacy. Unbelievable flavor combination, but I think I might wait until a warm summer night to stop in for a second time.

The day also involved a quick stop into Great Harvest Bakery, a Main Line main stay, and date with Aunt Tita at Saxbys for some coffee and a green tea for me. They recently introduced their Spring additions to the menu… to.die.for. …

Mango Chai? Could you guys kill me any more slowly!!! The flavor combination is inspiring a baked creation on my end, but I will save the reveal of that for another much warmer day.


Like all visits, Mama can’t stay forever, even though I wish she could.

Yet the feast didn’t stop as she drove away yesterday. Dinner reservations were set for Bar Savona with my Aunt Vera.

3 bells from Craig LaBan ring true through every course we enjoyed. Timelined with my iPhone, and brought home in 3 separate embarrassingly large to go bags, the portions are generous and the food quality caused my jaw to drop on a few, very un- ladylike, occasions. If the Bar Savona menu is not enough to entice you to make a reservation, the atmosphere is. Differentiating itself from any other eatery with its low ceilings and homey not only because you are in a converted house feel, the meal feels personal and the wait staff truly invites you to not only enjoy but also just be excited. They clearly work there because they love the food as much as their guests do.

Looking forward to the outside seating this summer, the thought of the pancetta covered pizza and the insanely decadent farrotto makes me shiver. Foodgasm at its finest, I’m sorry for being crass, but there were really no other words for last nights meal. Farm to table, table to my tummy… and my refrigerator, I think it is time for me to go stick my fork into some of the left overs.


6 thoughts on “Eat your way, through the day.

  1. Clearly, I should have stayed for dinner! Always a pleasure dining with you daughter….
    By the way…you forgot to mention a big plus about the yogurt is it’s organic too…..

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