A New Location for Di Bruno Brothers: The Ardmore Preview Party.

I never thought I would be this excited about a few hundred square feet! I am proud to announce, congratulate, and most of all welcome one of the premiere Philadelphia Italian markets, Di Bruno Brothers, into the Ardmore Farmer’s Market. If you remember from a few weeks ago, I chronicled my experience at the Rittenhouse location… teasing the introduction of this amazingly necessary mecca to the Main Line. Well, it is officially close enough to taste…. and that is what I had the pleasure of doing for several hours last night at their Grand Opening preview party. Taste, sample, smell, see, and toast to what should be quite the influential addition to the Philadelphia suburbs.

Taking over several stalls along the outer edge of the market as well as boasting a very prominent display in the center of the space, I was very impressed by the sheer volume of products that will be available.

… and in what quantities they provided their invited guests last night for tasting! Toothpicks enjoying endless jabs at a variety of cheese samples and olives from around the world…

All types of mixed and roasted nuts were available in handfuls, and of course, the piece de resistance …. fresh pulled mozzarella coming together in the hands of one of the staff members on site.

Empty cases tempted you with signs promoting the soon to be home of the prepared foods, all making their way into Ardmore on April 5th. No need to even see the bowls of pasta, veal parmigiano, or beautiful meatballs… you trusted their flavor and beauty, especially because there were little tastes of different items scattered around throughout the evening.

Included in these tempting tastes were amazing fig and cheese crostini, and yes, America… I have found my favorite arancini. The perfect polite little size to pop into your mouth, breaded delicately and melting wonderfully as you sink your teeth into them.

And too good to be just placed on a platter, the signature Prosciutto was available by the slice for guests to enjoy on demand atop a well seasoned crusty piece of italian bread.


If Prosciutto isn’t something you enjoy, the cured italian meats section is so expansive there is bound to be something perfect for a sandwich or an antipasti plate.

The excitement was evident not only amongst the crowd but also within each passionate member of the Di Bruno team as they spoke highly about their product and were willing to guide the guests to specific tastes they might like, or products they might want to consider adding into their kitchen repertoire.

Clearly foreshadowing a very successful and perfect fit for the clientele in the burbs, it will be exciting to see what kind of a wave this family owned market will make.

And lets not forget the excitement of the other vendors also present to help usher in the new kid on the block.

From my favorite coffee bean feigns, Saxbys Coffee…

…providing samples of their nonfat “FroYo” topped with sprinkles or fresh fruit, small sips of the Spring’s newest drink Mango Chai Tea Latte, and debuting the fabulous new brew, “The Main Line Blend” …

To Cupcakes Gourmet….

Admittedly my least favorite cupcake bakery on the Main Line, they were there to complete the taste testing with a display of hundreds of bite size sweets putting smiles on children’s faces throughout the night, and pleasing their many fans.

So now we must sit, and wait, until the doors upon on the morning of April 5th. But on that day, prepare your reusable grocery bags, and find a reason to throw a dinner party. Di Bruno Bros will leave you mesmerized by the endless possibilities for Italian cooking now planted right in the backyard of Philadelphia.

A toast to all the success in the world!


The Ardmore Farmer’s Market

Suburban Square

Andersen and Coulter Avenues

Ardmore, 19003





3 thoughts on “A New Location for Di Bruno Brothers: The Ardmore Preview Party.

  1. Love how your first photo also serves as a title to the article!!
    You are so creative…..can’t wait to go with you when it officially opens…

  2. Wow, your review of our grand opening is the best I’ve read. Thank you for your kind words, great descriptions and pics. It’s customers like you that inspire us to live up to our legacy of culinary pioneering and celebrating great food with great people. I hope we have the opportunity to meet some day soon. Keep up the great work with your culinary travels and sharing them on your Grad to Gourmet site. Let us know if Di Bruno’s can contribute to your culinary explorations! Our store is your store.

    Bill Mignucci – Danny Di Bruno’s grandson
    Di Bruno Bros.

    • Bill – Thank so much for the kind words! I am so honored to see that you have read the review … I will be in touch and absolutely wish you the BEST of luck in Ardmore. You guys are one in a million.

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