Welcoming Cupcake Season.

I can’t say that the weather here on the east coast has been consistent lately. Friday I drove to work at 6 am  as my windshield wipers batted away big snow flakes, tomorrow it is supposed to be a beyond gorgeous 72 degrees, and let’s not forget it is April, so anticipating on and off showers is only proper as reminded by the silly phrase we were raised on. April Showers bring May flowers… April also brings something else, Cupcakes.

After a long winter in the garage, our fountain floated its way back to the center of the pond this morning. A real stamp of Spring, and a reminder that for at least another 8 months, I won’t have to fear lifting the shades to see its frozen surface staring back at me!

In honor of this lovely day, I will be in the kitchen churning out a few batches of my specialty cakes, feeling the breeze blow in from the breakfast room doors and listening to the sound of splish splashing water as it calms me down. It is the only way to say good-bye to the uninspiring winter season, and the dirty left over snow, like mounds of burnt crumbs, that has finally melted all away!

Something to discuss:

What are your favorite cupcake flavors?! My dad is having a big party this weekend, and I am responsible for endless trays of cupcakes for dessert …. Besides the obvious, chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet… what else should I feature?

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13 thoughts on “Welcoming Cupcake Season.

  1. Apple cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and crumb cake style crumbles on top, grand marnier cupcake with mascarpone filling and orange zest buttercream, vanilla cupcakes filled with fruit compote and mixed berry frosting and different berries on top, chocolate cupcakes with mint chocolate buttercream and oreos, peaches and cream cupcakes (be creative), chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache and brown sugar caramelized bacon bits on top, irish car bomb cupcakes (baileys cake soaked in a little whiskey and a guiness frosting or something like that

  2. Aly! What type of cupcakes are those in the picture you posted? They look so so amazing! Would you mind sharing the recipe? Love reading your blog – keep up the great work!

    • Ah Jacqui I’ve been dying to do the lemon lavender buttercream … I think I might need to add it to the list for this weekend. Thank you love … And paige, I will absolutely post the recipe (they are cookies and cream!) thank you so much for reading!!

    • Lauren – Salted Caramel are on the menu for sure!! Now just trying to pick between carrot or apple cinnamon ….. I will also be making one involving coffee (will have to grab a cup of Saxbys for it =) )

  3. Hi Aly, I need to agree with mom Coconut is a must. The Lavander combo sounds very interesting. I would thing since we are welcoming in warmer weather then the berry cupcakes with a light airy base sounds like a winner. the berries have been firm and sweet perfect pair. wish we could be there to taste them all. have fun love you

    • Thanks Aunt Car! I am trying to come up with a good berry one – but it’s hard to pick the combo – and coconut of course! love you!

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