Find me in a Foodie Fantasyland.


I tuck myself into bed tonight with my new favorite foodie memoir…

My Life from Scratch – A Sweet Journey of Starting Over, One Cake At A Time

By, Gesine Bullock – Prado

With the turning of each page of this memoir I become more and more in awe the ease of voice evident through Gesine’s writing. If I were to begin my book today, it would be through gracious inspiration derived from this memoir of all things sweet and sensuous… The details she notices throughout her life, the way she marks her emotion and feelings, and her ability to make your mouth water as you delve deeper and deeper into becoming her biggest fan is what I myself aspire to be able to do to my audience one day. Not only does she recount the steps it took to make her own bakery possible, but by far one of the most exciting thing about the book are the recipes she divulges randomly throughout the text.

I see myself screaming out from the pages… from my own memories of sneaking oreos from neighbors because just as her mother did, my mom never allowed such transfatty packages of addiction laced with hydrogenated oils into our house, to my now familiar experience wearing what she calls “bakery casual” and enjoying the somber stillness of the world at 5 am as you drive on empty roads to turn on the ovens, prepared to be covered in flour (but as she hilariously notes, it is really only on the last 12 inches of your legs that the apron doesn’t cover).

I will let you discover the rest that this gem has to offer and put your heels over your head in favor of this book on your own.

I just leave you with this passage…. that left me with tingles up my spine:

“To quote a rare human who evolved into a mature being, Ghandi would have told me, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ I didn’t want more stuff. I wanted to be more happy. I wanted to be good. I wanted to stop hating people and start understanding. And the only way I knew how to feel like a good and kind person was through baking.”

Ditto, Gesine.


Something to discuss:

What are your favorite foodie books? Cookbooks, memoirs, or collections of writing… I want to know!

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4 thoughts on “Find me in a Foodie Fantasyland.

  1. I just finished the book I was reading so I’ll have to pick up this memoir 🙂

    I love the cookbook “All Cakes Considered”. The lady baked a different cake every week and brought it into work (on the train I think!) and she eventually turned all the recipes into a book. Love everything I’ve tested so far.

    And also the Original Betty Crocker Cookie Book, published in 1963. Best classic cookie recipes on the planet!

    • Thanks Jax!! I love all of your suggestions. I will have to check them out … and yes I think this book is actually perfect for you. You will enjoy it so much – definitely a one day read (even with the baby girl!)

  2. Hey Aly! Haven’t seen you in years but hope all is well. I came across your blog on facebook- love love it. We chatted in math all the time yet I had no idea you were just as obsessed with baking & cooking as I am!

    Anyways- I wanted to comment on this post because foodie books are my favorite. Here are some that I really enjoyed:
    – Garlic & Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise, by Ruth Reichl (eic of gourmet mag)
    – On Rue Tatin, by Susan Hermann Loomis (about living & cooking in France)
    – A Homemade Life, by Molly Wizenberg

    Enjoy! 🙂

    • Karen! Thank you so so much for reading – I am so glad you like it – and I love that we have something like this in common!! So fun 🙂

      Thank you for the book suggestions!! I have yet to dive into A Homemade Life, but it is on my shelf waiting. and anything, by Ruth is amazing – I follow her on Twitter and each tweet is almost as good as one of her books.

      Anyway – If you have recipes to share or anything like that, send them my way! Hope you’re well!

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