Starting Line: Tartine Country Bread.

Today is Day 1. 20-ish more days to go.

The starter is made and I begin to patiently wait until I taste my very own loaf of country bread from the famed San Francisco bakery, Tartine.

I have been a little delinquent from GtoG because of the wild Cupcake and Bakery extravaganza that consumed my last 2 days. On Friday, the oven at work threw a conniption fit so needless to say a day that is characteristically quite busy, was turned up a notch. A rented box truck, a trip to Philadelphia, and running on a two hour delay for deliveries started my Friday, only for me to finish it off at home by producing close to 300 cupcakes till 3 in the morning. Stay tuned for that post… it’s a goodie.

Less than 2 hours of sleep, a shower, and the most peaceful drive to report to my post behind my favorite counters, it was another day producing magic for our customers, and then a full afternoon back home of icing my little babycakes before the guests arrived.

So this morning (afternoon actually), when I woke up craving to bake something again… my family thought I was crazy, but I was only reminded that you can’t help what you love.

What I love about the Tartine ┬árecipe is that it doesn’t require yeast, it requires prepping a starter (or levain). From what I have read on other food blogs, this can be a frustrating process; many illustrated the two, three, or four attempts they embark on to get the starter just right.

So, today was day 1. Everything is weighed and measured in grams… including the water. For the 50/50 flour blend I used King Arthur for the bread flour, and Whole Foods brand for the Whole Wheat flour. I have to tend to the started for 2 weeks, and feed it every morning for most of those days.

I can’t wait to rip off a piece of this crusty bread.

See ya in three weeks =)


2 thoughts on “Starting Line: Tartine Country Bread.

  1. You are doing something that I have always wanted to do myself!! Very cool…will definitely be there when the loaf comes out of the oven!

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