Patience and a Great Scale. Tartine Bread: Day 5.

I am not sure what was worse… the appearance or the smell as soon as I unveiled my starter after the first two days of rest.

By the end of this whole experience I anticipate that my bread will be named and will have a permanent place in my family. Right now it is living in the office, in the deep dark cold corner, tucked in nicely with a kitchen towel…

Anyway, clearly something was working because it was all quite stunning.

It’s fun to look forward to feeding it every day! 4pm is the magical hour.

You remove all but 75 grams of what is in the bowl and throw it away, and then “feed” it 100 grams of 78 degree water, and 150 grams of the flour blend that was made and ziploc bagged on the first day. On the bag I put a tick mark with each day that passes just to be precise…

I love the reward of slow and steady progress, but really without patience and a good scale, this loaf would absolutely cease to ever exist.

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