It’s Penn Appetit Time!

As you all are tucking in for the night… either saying a thank you prayer for the invention of air conditioning or praying that your A/C was turned on… take a minute to check out my latest piece for Penn Appetit. 
Just another perspective on the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival!

A Memorial Day Weekend Must: Grilled Corn.

A Day.. A Whole Weekend… What’s the difference. All I know is that Memorial Day/Weekend means so many of my favorite things, like white skinny jeans, bikinis, lounge chairs, and sunshine.

Memorial Day also means something much more important, summer food. Summer food is the best food. The freshest food. The most memorable food. It brings comfort in a whole different way… because what’s better than a plate of fresh sliced watermelon to help you digest some of the best grilled ____ fill in the blank you’ve ever had. 

This memorial day, whether you’re having a big get together, or a small “thing”, I suggest you fill in the blank with corn. Yes, GRILLED CORN. God’s Food. God’s gift to man. My gift to you. 

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Saturday at the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival.

Photographs are the only way to truly recreate the perfect day I had this past Saturday. Fever raging, and allergies going crazy, the moment I hit the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival on Walnut Street, it all miraculously went away. It is like the world conspires to bring me as close to heaven as I can get at events like this. I mean honestly, were we not having the worst week of weather ever? Rain or shine, Rittenhouse was bound to become foodie fantasyland, but really who wants to mangia on rain drop soaked cupcakes and sliders? 

Shall I list all of the deliciousness that I got my hands this weekend?

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The 5 Step How-To. Bryn Mawr’s BAKE 425…

It’s as easy as …. Pizza Pie?

If you didn’t already figure it out from my piece for Main Line Dish … I might be Bake 425’s biggest fan.

Want to get on my level? Just take a bite of their pizza. Seriously, I’m predicting quite a phenomenon with this one…

For some of you, the idea of cooking could be intimidating… If you can turn on an oven, you’re a pro at Bake 425 pizza.

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My Ivy League Summer… Contributing to Penn Appetit.

Twitter I love you, shall I count the ways?
Thanks to a tweet from @PennAppetit a few weeks ago soliciting blog writers I find myself living a psuedo ivy summer. If you don’t know that UPenn has this amazing food publication they very appropriately call, Penn Appetit, you are truly missing out. The print work is phenomenal, Bon Appetit’s mirror image, and their blog is full of great material as well. This summer, I will be a guest contributor. 
That means one thing – Philly. Philly… More of a reason for me to get into Philly. 
Anyway… My first piece went up today!
As always, thank you a million times over for all of your support. There is so much to look forward to this summer, and I can’t wait to keep sharing it with you guys..

The Day I Ate Everything at the Reading Terminal Market.

On a very beautiful Thursday last week, the adventure began. 10 am stomachs empty and mouths watering, two girls on a mission set their feet on the sunshine splashed pavement of just another one of Philadelphia’s overpriced parking lots, and didn’t look back for the next 6 hours.

Map in hand, clicky pen prepared, and absolutely no strategy to speak of; we walked headstrong and hungry into The Reading Terminal Market.

Two girls on a mission to taste an entire city block worth of food. 

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A Favorite Thing: Sweet Jack and Lill …

“If you can’t find work, make work.” – a tweet from clothing designer @KielJP.

20 somethings are you reading this?

Stick it somewhere in your memory bank, and when you are feeling frustrated, remember, your fate is in your hands. Get to creating.

Today I would like to recognize one of the most creative and driven women I know.I think she has 4 extra invisible arms, and a hidden assistant lurking in one of her kitchen cabinets. 

She is a mother to beautiful baby Lilly, a wife, a fellow foodie, and one of my greatest supporters.

Most importantly, she is a budding pastry chef with a talent that does not go unnoticed.

Sweet Jack and Lill

(click to check out her amazing work and adorable blog)

Jacquie, you are the epidome of what is means to follow your heart, and do what you love. You are unstoppable.

A Piece for Main Line Dish: Bake 425.

Today is the day…

My first piece for went live as the front page story!!

The opportunity to see my work published is really such a blessing.

I hope you all will support me as I begin this great partnership, as well as take the time to enjoy the hard work contributed by each of the other wonderful writers that are a part of the great team at the Town Dish!

Click to Read my Piece on Bryn Mawr’s Bake 425.

Awkward Chair Pose.

When the whole self and the universal self are joined, I am at peace. 

When my mind and my stomach are joined, I am also at peace.

My Mat and My Kitchen.

Just two of my very favorite places.

… Where do you find your sense of peace?

… What do you do to fill a certain need in your life?

… What is it that helped you realize your truest emotions?

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Fresh. Local. Pasta.

Shopping at Whole Foods is like giving yourself a hug… Alright, I drive an SUV, I love doing laundry, babies make me melt, and I find a stupid amount of joy in grocery shopping: cue the Mommy stereotype, I’m fine with it 🙂 . But really, is there anything quite like walking the aisles of one of America’s elite grocery stores?

Every WFM I have stepped foot in makes me have the same visceral reaction – *deep breath in, slow breath out*.

This is my Whole Foods.

image from

Actually, now it actually looks more like a whole new Whole Foods Devon. 

 I’m not usually one for change, but the much welcomed expansion of an already decent sized store was teased for the last year or so since the neighboring Honey Baked Ham closed (thank god).

Finally, we’ve add on some seriously awesome square feet.. and a TON of awesome food.

What was I most excited about trying?

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