Two Weeks Too Many.

At 12 years old, my bedroom walls were plastered with sticky tacked posters of the then Justin Biebers of the world. Now, at 22 years old, the appearance is one derived from the intention to stimulate peace with simplicity, but still, not immune to post it notes scattered about inspiring motivation and emotional consciousness.

In the last two weeks, those mantras that I read silently to myself morning and night  have multiplied. Uninspired, out of sorts, discombobulated, I do what I can to center myself.

Yes, I said I had a lot of esssplainin to do, and that was not an underestimation of all that has gone on since my last post.

Someone I love, loves to tell me that I am an emotional rollercoaster. He’s right. But, as one of my inspirational post-its says, Be Brave, but know that not all things in life are limitless; basically meaning, you can’t always be strong and frown proof.  Just be genuine, whether that is happy or sad.

So, over the last two weeks, I have been riding one of those insane coasters, enjoy some of my highest highs and lowest lows.

From enjoying a quick easter getaway to be with my family, prefaced by working many 6 am mornings at the bakery to prepare for our big easter orders, to spending a wonderful day with my best girl on her birthday causing me to forget to submit my recipe to the Pillsbury Bake-off, and then finding my Tartine Bread experiment go very wrong, making me feel like giving up on my kitchen craft for a while and simply just losing my appetite, partially caused by the butterflies in my stomach waiting for my best friend to come home after he was gone from me for almost 3 seasons, or maybe it’s the little injured leg of my little puppy making me too nervous to enjoy anything, even though I did enjoy the party to welcome my favorite place, Saxbys Coffee, back to the streets of Manayunk… Feel like you just rode my roller coaster? I can keep it going if you want!

But, I am back. I promise. It is time to return to enjoying my kitchen, great meals, adventures, and sharing with you the joy of all things fabulous and foodie.


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