A Little Announcement.

Well maybe not sooo little.

Introducing the new purpose to my mini office area that I built for myself last Fall… 

This week I am embarking upon my FIRST ASSIGNMENT as a WRITER for Main Line Dish.  

I feel so honored to have received the invite to come on board with such an awesome group of people; writers I simply thought I would just admire from afar. Growing up on the Main Line and going to schools in a 15 mile radius of one another, happy is an understatement for my reaction to being able to cover everything fabulous and foodie that stretches down Lancaster Avenue.

That being said, feel free to send any suggestions my way about restaurants, or other great local eats you think I should cover! 

… and also, check out the Dish for great insight and awesome food reads.

Making this a great start to a great week, I hope you all are feeling the same way! YAY!

5 thoughts on “A Little Announcement.

  1. Congrats Aly! I look forward to your posts here and in Main Line Dish. I hope you enjoy evey experience and every post.

  2. Congrats Aly! This is awesome news. You’ll do a great job. Just wish I was out there on the Main Line to enjoy all your work 😦 one day I’ll be back. I mentioned you/your blog as a new fav in my “The Beginning” page on my new webpage… http://www.SweetJackandLill.com just wanted to let you know. Keep up the good work!

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