If I had the time for Cinco de Mayo this year…

I would have made….


(My recipe)

Black Bean Soup.

(One of the best recipes from Epicurious)

Yellow Rice 

(Recipe c/o Emeril)

Homemade Torillas

(Amazing step by step photo instructions from Food Network)

Mexican Skirt Steak

(One of the only Alton Brown recipes I would ever consider) .. adding sauteed veggies into the mix as well.

Arroz Con Pollo

(I love a thoroughly reviewed recipe and this one has tons of great comments!)

and of course let’s not forget….


(I love mine with Vodka, so here is Giada’s recipe to inspire you)

A menu worthy of over indulgence? Absolutely. But isn’t that what Cinco de Mayo is all about.

I love all foods Spanish, Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican … Pick a Spanish speaking country and it is a guaranteed knock out of the park for this girl. Little known fact about me, I would do pretty much anything to learn how to speak the language fluently; unfortunately anything with Spanish speaking heritage is one of the only things my genetic make-up does not represent. A girl can dream….

So tonight, instead of enjoying this Cinco de Mayo fiesta, I found myself in my final Main Line School Night class. It was a class on writing for blogs, (shout out to all my awesome classmates) and although I would have much rather been enjoying my carefully thought out dinner, or hell endless plates at Distrito would have hit the spot, class was refreshing. These last 8 weeks have introduced me to an awesome think tank of ideas, and a bunch of really wonderful people.

Seis de Mayo, anyone? This dinner is too good to put off for a whole year!

image from foodnetwork.com


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