The Best Chef I Know.

My Mama.

Happy Mother’s Day to my inspiration, my teacher, and the woman that raised me to love great food. My 6 year old self was mad at her for the barbed wire she put around Goldfish and Sunny D … but all these years later I thank her endlessly for my appreciation of flavors both simple and complex. Every night she spent over the stove is a memory at the kitchen table with my family… that is certainly not something I take for granted.

 She spends many of her days as a sous chef in kitchen in New Jersey and I admire her for that and all of the creative dishes she continues to introduce me to. Is it a coincidence that I now spend most of my days in a kitchen so that I too can feed the world?  I think not. It is a understatement to say thank you for her influence on me, because each day I get to do what I love, and there is nothing more rewarding than that.


3 thoughts on “The Best Chef I Know.

  1. Where do I begin to reply to that?! First I have to wipe a few tears from my eyes….ok…wow! A mother can only hope to be such an influence on her daughter. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it is to know that you share my same passion for food. I’m so proud of all that you have already accomplished and I can’t wait to see where this will take you!
    Thank you so much for the perfect Mother’s Day gift (sorry I was out of town and just got it today). I love you very much,

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