Penny Ice Creamery: Bon Bons, The Right Way.

If you want to know why I blog, this is why. 

I received this comment tonight on the “F&W Fiasco” posting. 

Not only is it beautifully written, but it is from Zach, one of the brains behind the Penny Ice Creamery. Humbled, honored, and simply feeling happy to make the connection, it is something that I feel you all should read. 

The Penny Ice Creamery      

Hi Aly,

Zach Davis from The Penny Ice Creamery here. Thanks for trying the recipe in Food & Wine attributed to us.

One of the things I love about food is it’s ephemeral nature. Both the ingredients and the end results are subject to a myriad of influences, from heat and humidity, to placement and time. Try as we might, no two finished plates are ever exactly the same.

Another aspect of food I love is the way recipes are like narrative stories. They are told and retold, and with each telling there is the possibility for evolution. Sometimes the narrator chooses to hold something back. Sometimes a healthy dose of embellishment is added. Always there is the chance that things might not wrap up quite the way the original author intended.

We told a recipe to one person at Food & Wine, and they told it to you. Perhaps there were other tellings in between; I’m not sure we’ll ever know. The thing about a good storyteller, and a good cook, is that they know when something valuable is missing. Seems like you could be both. We endorse the double freeze. We also use rubber flexi-molds for shaping :)

Best to you on your culinary adventures, and if you’re ever in Santa Cruz be sure to stop in and say hello!

Yours in ice cream,



With this, I repost the recipe and remind you as Zach has, that a recipe is a story and I want nothing more than the recipes that I share with you to something to be proud of. Double freeze, and dive in. 

Penny Ice Creamery’s Ice Cream Bon Bons.


Now…. I just need to plan a trip to Santa Cruz. 


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