Tonight, I Sleep On My Left Side.

Never feel like you are stuck. We are never stuck.  

Realizing this week that I haven’t really left my hometown in the year since I have graduated Villanova was tough. Like, sort of shocking. I am blessed to be able to say that since my childhood I have spent at least 3 weeks out of the year either traveling or on vacation. Hello Real World. 

But after today, I am reminded that adventures can literally happen anywhere. Even just a few miles from home. 

Today I planned quite an adventure for my best friend, Natalie and I.

Can you guess where we are?

It’s The Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. 

The mission for our adventure. To spend the day eating our way through the market. 

Do you think we completed it? ….. 

… Just go back and read the title of this post. 

Sleeping on your left side induces better digestion. This girl needs alllll the digestion help she can get tonight. 


Today these two foodies on a mission successfully ate at TWENTY EIGHT different establishments in the Terminal. 


Stay Tuned for a post TOMORROW about our insane experience… the amazing food, the not so delicious food, the people we met, and the way we successfully were able to get it all done without slipping into a food coma, or needing to be sent home on a flatbed truck.

And with that, Food Baby and I say, Good Night!

See you all in the morning!


3 thoughts on “Tonight, I Sleep On My Left Side.

  1. You are such a tease! I’m working on some cake orders for tomorrow and settled down for a moment while stuff is in the oven to read your post about the market trip only to discover I have to hold out to enjoy it tomorrow! Good job Aly, makes us all come back for more 🙂

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