Fresh. Local. Pasta.

Shopping at Whole Foods is like giving yourself a hug… Alright, I drive an SUV, I love doing laundry, babies make me melt, and I find a stupid amount of joy in grocery shopping: cue the Mommy stereotype, I’m fine with it 🙂 . But really, is there anything quite like walking the aisles of one of America’s elite grocery stores?

Every WFM I have stepped foot in makes me have the same visceral reaction – *deep breath in, slow breath out*.

This is my Whole Foods.

image from

Actually, now it actually looks more like a whole new Whole Foods Devon. 

 I’m not usually one for change, but the much welcomed expansion of an already decent sized store was teased for the last year or so since the neighboring Honey Baked Ham closed (thank god).

Finally, we’ve add on some seriously awesome square feet.. and a TON of awesome food.

What was I most excited about trying?

The fresh pasta section. 

Supplied by Severino (a local brand I’ve been loving for the last 2 years) the variety is awesome and the prices are reasonable, for Whole Foods standards of course. I guess I was thinking that the pasta was made on site, but I trusted Severino enough not to mind.

To start the week off right, last Monday I made a trip to Whole Foods and treated myself to a few reusable bags full of ingredients for dinner.

A gorgeous Lemon Roasted Chicken covered in the juice from a couple delicious extra large organic lemons..

A glass of wine..

The NBA playoffs..

And a pound of Severino’s Fuselli pasta..

… covered in a slowly simmered pulled chicken ragu with cherry tomatoes, basil, and asiago later

… the boy who will stay nameless and I sat down on the couch for a great Celtics vs. Heat match up and an very anticipated taste test.

I say anticipated because dinner was delayed an hour due to a Dacor oven mishap. The thought of me breaking something else costing thousands of dollars was enough to make me lose my appetite – I’ve already drowned a $3000 camera in water, and somehow managed to have a fan fall exactly on the hard drive of a 2 week old macbook pro – jinxed? Beyond…

Anyway… we were patient, and the verdict was that it was worth the wait. 

The pasta is literally so good that on this particular night, it was totally okay for the two of us to sit there over the stove just picking the pasta out of the pan… and that continued into the next day’s leftovers for lunch. The chicken was so soft, the cherry tomatoes were perfectly creamy, but it was the consistency of the pasta that stole the show – sort of chewy, very velvety, and simply addictive. I just wish I could do away with dried pasta forever… but, the not so starving starving culinary artist has to have some semblance of a budget, right?

If your local Whole Foods treats you to your own local brand of luxurious fresh pastas, I suggest you do as I did, and treat yourself to a week night taste test of your own.

Next week’s choice – the multigrain ravioli. 

Who has a great recipe for a ravioli dish?

Comment and send them my way, please!


4 thoughts on “Fresh. Local. Pasta.

  1. Aly, the “Pea Prisciutto Sauce” (for ravioli) from an old Food Network Mag is awesome… my Mom and I make it all the time because it only takes a few simple ingredients, is relatively light, and only takes a few minutes to make. I’ll write it just how they have it from the Mag:

    Cook 4 oz. chopped prosciutto in a skillet with 2 tablespoons olive oil over medium heat until crisp, 4 minutes. Stir in 3 sliced garlic cloves and 1 tablespoon tomato paste; cook 1 minute. Ladle in 1 cup pasta-cooking water and simmer until reduced by half, 4 minutes. Add 1/4 cup heavy cream and simmer until thickened, 3 minutes. Toss with 1 lb. cooked ravioli, 1 cup blanched frozen peas some chopped parsley. Top with a generous amount of freshly grated parmesan cheese.

    Delish 🙂

    • Yum Jacquie!!!! That sounds unbeliveable – I will try that and let you know how it is… but Prosciutto is one of my favorite things to have with pasta so I can imagine it will be delish

  2. Yes..there is nothing better then fresh pasta and Severino does a pretty good job. I buy it from my Whole Foods in Paramus….for the record it’s made in New Jersey!
    As for a recipe, I wish you could recreate the ravioli dish that I love at Panaroma in Philly….they serve it with a spinach sauce that is soooo good. Make it for our lunch together on Tuesday!
    Love you baby girl

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