Awkward Chair Pose.

When the whole self and the universal self are joined, I am at peace. 

When my mind and my stomach are joined, I am also at peace.

My Mat and My Kitchen.

Just two of my very favorite places.

… Where do you find your sense of peace?

… What do you do to fill a certain need in your life?

… What is it that helped you realize your truest emotions?

In awkward chair pose, it is the sense of discomfort that forces you to find your breath. If you don’t breathe in awkward chair pose, you can’t maintain your balance or even the pose itself. Your quads are burning, your feet are firmly planted but screaming to maintain balance, and your arms are shaking in proper position, as your eyes gaze forward and remember your intention.

All as you breathe.

In downward dog, although this is a pose taken to pause and enjoy a sense of calm, if you don’t maintain your breath, you can’t grow in the pose. 4 months ago, when I began to take my Yoga practice seriously, downward dog was truly uncomfortable. Heels that struggled to even hover over are the mat are now stuck to the rubber. Because I just breathe.

Yoga is a wonderful illustration of some of my best days and my worst days. 

You must breathe through life’s challenges and greatest moments to maintain your sense of peace, and center yourself. And it is not that you even notice yourself doing it each time, but it is that you are simply connected and aware of your existence and how each person, event, and minute of your life affect you.

Today, I had a great day. With each breath I took, from my first deep breath on my mat this morning, to those that I subconsciously enveloped myself in as I went through the day, I realized, just how important it is to be connected. 

Connection breeds trust. Trust breeds strength. Strength breeds love.

Love is essential.

In January, I started this journey to do what I love, but 5 months ago I had no idea what affect that would have on me. It was in this one moment today when I found myself acknowledging just what it meant to be connected and centered upon an intention grounded in love. I had my head resting at the heart center of someone I care about so much, and with each beat of his heart it occured to me that our heart is the only thing we truly feel in our bodies…. because it is the most important thing for us to be connected to. 

Put your hand on your heart right now. 

Realize this connection.

This is where you start… 

It is there that you discover what brings you peace. It is there where you determine your needs. And it is only in your heart where your truest feelings are held.

Connect, trust, and be strong, because it is your heart that will guide you to do what you love.

… And no matter what, don’t forget your breath, as it will be what gets you through anything.

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5 thoughts on “Awkward Chair Pose.

    • I was hoping you would catch this one Cory. I thought of you as I wrote it …. One day soon you must show me all of your yogi ways. I have never felt better than I do now!

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