A Memorial Day Weekend Must: Grilled Corn.

A Day.. A Whole Weekend… What’s the difference. All I know is that Memorial Day/Weekend means so many of my favorite things, like white skinny jeans, bikinis, lounge chairs, and sunshine.

Memorial Day also means something much more important, summer food. Summer food is the best food. The freshest food. The most memorable food. It brings comfort in a whole different way… because what’s better than a plate of fresh sliced watermelon to help you digest some of the best grilled ____ fill in the blank you’ve ever had. 

This memorial day, whether you’re having a big get together, or a small “thing”, I suggest you fill in the blank with corn. Yes, GRILLED CORN. God’s Food. God’s gift to man. My gift to you. 

It’s as simple as. 

1 ear of corn per person

Olive Oil 

A grill



Brush each ear of corn all over in the olive oil before placing it on a hot grill. 

Tada. Grilled Corn. 


I am not trying to make fun of the obvious but seriously, forget the boiling or the steaming, or whatever boring method of corn cooking you’ve always been used to. This grilled corn is perfect… 

right off the grill.

covered in queso fresco. 

cut off the cob. 

tossed into salad. 

mixed with sauteed onions.

… It’s a crowd pleaser. and it’s the ultimate sign that summer has arrived!

One thought on “A Memorial Day Weekend Must: Grilled Corn.

  1. Totally agree…..I love it too!
    My new fave combo is tossing it with chunks of just ripe avocado followed by a drizzle of a lime based dressing….mmmmm

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