Taste With Your Eyes: alfredo byo

Hello my Night Owls!

Before I go to bed I wanted to post a link to my updated gallery of images from Berwyn’s hottest eatery, alfredo byo.

Nothing does more justice to a restaurant than a great photograph. Food is made to be captured in an image…. Especially food from this kitchen.

My mom is coming into town for the weekend tomorrow and reservations are made to take her to my new favorite place…. If you feel like coming with me, seriously, just check out these photographs.

1st course: Wild Rucola Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette & Caprese Salad with hand pulled fresh made mozzarella

2nd course: Gnocchi Sorrentino

3rd course: Rigatoni Amatriciana … with pancetta and tomato (AH!)

Dessert Course: Fried to order mini donuts with homemade chocolate and caramel sauce & Chocolate Hazelnut Torte (4 layers of PURE BLISS!).

… and side note, THE MOVE STARTED TONIGHT! If I can put into words just how excited I am to start fresh in a gorgeous place with the most wonderful friend… I think the word is – thankful. And oh wait, we finally will have our own kitchen –

Grad to Gourmet is about to get OH so much better.

Good Night Guys! … I will keep you posted as the dust settles. In the meanwhile, enjoy the sights. It tastes even better than it looks.

Click for the Gallery

668 Lancaster Avenue (Berwyn)


(Make a reservation via opentable.com)


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Downtown Chic and City Sleeps.

Hi Everyone!

If your day was as long as mine, chances are you are reading this while you’re in bed. Bakery crisis at 6 am really started my day on the edge of cliff, and ending it with a less than amusing 6 pm showing of Bad Teacher really brought the day full circle. It was funny, I guess?

Despite all that, all I can think about is the fact that in THREE SLEEPS (that is how I count down things with the kiddies) I will officially have an address to call my own. Slightly scary, but mostly a really proud milestone… I am just trying to patiently wait for Court and I to have our keys in hand.

So with moving on the brain, today’s inspiration, is one of my favorite design books

Downtown Chic

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Lower Manhattan stole my heart.

Hello my little night owls … or Good Morning to all you perfect sleepers!

I think being able to take this weekend away made me realize what it means for hard work to pay off… It was so nice. I got back home late on Sunday and have been reliving my trip over and over again as I edit each photograph. From the hotel, to the restaurants – to the surprising great weather, it was just what I needed. Unfortunately, I think I also need a new computer. I had all intentions of posting more frequently throughout the trip, but you can only do so much with a computer that is running out of disk space – bummed.

Anyway – if I had to pick the highlight of the whole trip it was my Sunday morning adventure to the New Amsterdam Market at the South Street Seaport. Lower Manhattan doesn’t get the love it deserves. Mark my words – over the next few years, great food is going to bring all the boys and girls to their yard – it is the nicest break from the uppitty uptown feel, the streets are inviting, yet not too crowded, and oh wait – what’s better than staring at the big beautiful Brooklyn Bridge as you get to enjoy all the fun by the Seaport. 

Totally romantic part of the town. (hint, hint guys – GREAT date weekend spot).

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The First Bite into the Big Apple.

Good morning guys!

Before I leave the hotel this am… I had to tell you about all I ate yesterday.

NYC welcomed me and my empty tummy with open, humid, foggy, nasty arms on Friday. 

After navigating a PATH train and a few subways, I checked into my hotel, The Andaz Wall Street (more to come on this…)

and then hopped back on the train to meet my bestie Catherine in the West Village. I hadn’t eaten a thing yet, and all she had was some 8 am oatmeal. We probably could’ve eaten the whole village if we weren’t poor recent grads… 

Bosie Tea Parlor was the first stop. It is a very aunthetic, very french, tea shop right off of Bleecker. Unfortunately it was also very empty this particular afternoon.

But I went there for their french macaroons since I am a big fan of roons… The Salted Caramel was sensational, and the PB&J was right up my alley. Do you remember the PB&J cupcakes I made – these were on the same level of hits the spot.

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Crazy about the CIA!

So what do you guys think?

Mentioning the “CIA” is probably going to get the government to start bugging my website right? Whatever, more readers!

Wrong CIA anyway… Yesterday’s trip to the Culinary Institute of America up in Hyde Park New York was not only a learning experience, but it really was inspiring. Has anyone ever taken a tour of the school? I suggest you do if you ever have a free afternoon and feel like heading up to NY. After all the college tours I’ve gone on in my life, this one was the most fun… hm, I wonder why? 

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Summer Vacation.

Hi guys! 

I’m finally back in action after a little put the real job(s) first vacay… and now I am on my much awaited NYC vacay.

There is nothing like a rewarding yourself for hard work. I still have my big dreams to have my own bakery one day, but at this point, after two weeks of putting in some real serious time at the shop, the commitment is something unparalleled. On top of the early morning starts, I have been spending a lot of time doing photography work with some really fun clients, and writing for Main Line Dish…. and let’s not forget that I’m MOVING. 

… Yes, I have some dark circles under my eyes for the first time in my life. 

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Horsing Around via innerpeach

… in February I signed up for the Main Line School Night class” “How to Blog”.

Yes, “How to Blog” even though I know how to blog. So what was is that inspired me to sign up for the 8 week program? Who knows, but clearly the universe had a bigger plan for me. It is in this class that I met a wonderful new friend and practically my twin… 

If I needed another reason to believe that everything happens for a reason, here it was.

Please read Courtney’s newest post on her blog, innerpeach… 

“Horsing Around”

her take on a fun Sunday at The Devon Horse Show. 

Click to Read.

A Slideshow: The 2011 Devon Horse Show

Better late than never right?

The Devon Horse Show closed it’s gates after another wonderful year this past Monday. I guess a delayed album is what happens when I take my camera to the grounds almost every day. Too many photographs to choose from!

This year’s Show was definitely the most beautiful one in recent memory. It was the year of the sparkly new ferris wheel, a welcomed sight since I have found myself going round and round on the same one since I was two. Even more noticeable than that was the way in which the vendors presented their merchandise this year. From gorgeous clothes, to original accessories, to some seriously beautiful housewares… there was something for everyone. Pops of color drew your eye to every little detail!

Mid – week I found myself up as the sun was rising. I knew that riders started making their way into the ring around 8 am so I decided to pack up my camera and my lenses and walk to the show. How lucky am I to live so close?! And for a morning like that one.. I wouldn’t trade it for the world… watching all of the little shops open up, seeing food deliveries roll in, and being able to enjoy a real stillness that brought quiet enough to hear the gallop of the horses hooves as they put on a show.

My photographs from this year’s event provide a glimpse of it all… Enjoy!

(Click the Ferris Wheel to be redirected to a slideshow)

Today! Main Line Jazz & Food Festival.

From noon until the sun goes down tonight, the center of Wayne is host to one of my favorite events, The Main Line Jazz & Food Festival. 

It is the one day of the year where North Wayne Avenue becomes truly alive with more than just speeding cars and casual shoppers. A massive stage is constructed to be host to some wonderful musicians, and all of the vendors and participating restaurants build up the excitement throughout the day over all things tasty and creative. 

If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy what I am talking about, get to Wayne today!

Main Line Jazz & Food Festival  

Saturday June 11th, 2011 

12 – 9

North Wayne Avenue, Wayne PA.

and …. Read my PREVIEW piece for  Main Line Dish… Especially if you are curious about all the unbelievable restaurants that are participating!

Click to Read it Here.