A Slideshow: The 2011 Devon Horse Show

Better late than never right?

The Devon Horse Show closed it’s gates after another wonderful year this past Monday. I guess a delayed album is what happens when I take my camera to the grounds almost every day. Too many photographs to choose from!

This year’s Show was definitely the most beautiful one in recent memory. It was the year of the sparkly new ferris wheel, a welcomed sight since I have found myself going round and round on the same one since I was two. Even more noticeable than that was the way in which the vendors presented their merchandise this year. From gorgeous clothes, to original accessories, to some seriously beautiful housewares… there was something for everyone. Pops of color drew your eye to every little detail!

Mid – week I found myself up as the sun was rising. I knew that riders started making their way into the ring around 8 am so I decided to pack up my camera and my lenses and walk to the show. How lucky am I to live so close?! And for a morning like that one.. I wouldn’t trade it for the world… watching all of the little shops open up, seeing food deliveries roll in, and being able to enjoy a real stillness that brought quiet enough to hear the gallop of the horses hooves as they put on a show.

My photographs from this year’s event provide a glimpse of it all… Enjoy!

(Click the Ferris Wheel to be redirected to a slideshow)

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