I <3 BRGRs

Add a couple vowels. Do you get it?

It’s not that I just love burgers… it is really more that I adore Bryn Mawr’s

The BRGR Joint

… Lancaster Avenue and the Main Line’s finest brown bag stuffed with burgers and fries.

Don’t mistake the predictability of the usual two item burger place to be what you find when you step in these doors. There is nothing usual about BRGR … and there certainly is more than just burgers and fries on the menu. 

Shall is start with sweet potato fries, customizable salads, homemade dressings and bean burgers …. you are looking at the culprit of my endless cravings. Someone tell me where I can find a quick stop that can make a ravenous carnivore AND a famished vegetarian equally happy at the same time, all in just 5 minutes… Seriously, find me a spot, and I will try it! If I like it enough I will delete this post and stop publicly pledging allegiance to the BRGR capital of my world. 

The bean burger is stupid good. 

The fries are on the brink of too perfect to be true. 

The guys run it like the well oiled (seriously… the floor  they cook on is slick) machine that it is… and keep the customer’s happy by sharing their awesomeness one conversation at a time. 

I really can’t get enough. And oh by the way, your fingers aren’t covered in grease when you walk out the door (unlike the usual result after leaving some establishment run by 5 guys).

Cue the jealous puppy, waiting at the gate expecting dinner when I got home. Sorry little man, no doggy bags ever make it home from here!


2 thoughts on “I <3 BRGRs

  1. Yum mm! My fave is the bean burger with sauted onions and guacamole…with sweet potato fries. No, I lied. My fave is that puppy dog looking hopefully out from the gate!

    • ahh aly i’m going to have to stop reading your blog, especially if you’re going to brag about getting to have brgr joint whenever you want. i miss it so much, and literally crave it everyday! SO good.

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