Downtown Chic and City Sleeps.

Hi Everyone!

If your day was as long as mine, chances are you are reading this while you’re in bed. Bakery crisis at 6 am really started my day on the edge of cliff, and ending it with a less than amusing 6 pm showing of Bad Teacher really brought the day full circle. It was funny, I guess?

Despite all that, all I can think about is the fact that in THREE SLEEPS (that is how I count down things with the kiddies) I will officially have an address to call my own. Slightly scary, but mostly a really proud milestone… I am just trying to patiently wait for Court and I to have our keys in hand.

So with moving on the brain, today’s inspiration, is one of my favorite design books

Downtown Chic

The Novogratz Family, a Bravo Channel baby and the faces behind SIXX Design, is incredibly interesting even just beyond their eclectic sense of style – a part of me is hoping I come across an extra $5,000 laying around in the next few days so that we can create a space reminiscent of one of the many projects they display in the pages of this book.

image from shrimp salad circus blog.

… See my name there? Meant to be I think. 

image from island fairy blog.

But what reading this book tonight also reminded me of was my hotel in NYC.  It literally and fully embraced everything about what it means to be Downtown Chic… 

The Andaz Wall Street Hotel brings all the flavor and spice that lower Manhattan needs in a super chic boutique hotel right in the epicenter of all things monetary. Nondescript, tucked away in it’s own nook amongst the tall far reaching buildings, simple always impresses me. 

If you don’t look carefully, you would literally walk right by the hotel. Same goes for when you are in the lobby. If you aren’t paying attention, you might not even notice how many people are actually hotel employees. Ready with mini laptops to check you in, or a glass of water or cappuccino, all complimentary to hotel guests.. they leave you with  no reason to complain.

I chose a Large King Suite for the weekend, and for New York, the size of the room was actually incredibly large. The lofted ceilings contribute to the sense of space, but so does the warm wood floors and great touches of detail throughout the room. The bathroom area greets you – as it should in all its splendor, to then lead you to a very simple and neutral sleeping and work area.

A glass incased soaking tub, located within the shower room ups the sexy … as if the room wasn’t fabulous enough… and subtle touches like a spinning 4 sided closet/hanging space/mirror/mini bar allows you to really customize the space to your liking.

Other details like strictly HD television programming,

Complimentary all you want non-alcoholic drinks and snacks in the room, and complimentary glasses of vino from  5-8 each night…

I couldn’t have chosen a more ideal New York hotel.

And the gym…

HUGE floor to ceiling mirrors, brand new machines, all with fresh towels and a bottle of water in each cup holder when you arrive…not mention the nike training software all ready to go for you to plug your iPhone or ipod into – and when you’re done – chilled towels are in a fridge to help you cool down. Seriously? I could have worked out the whole weekend.

But now I am home. Fantasizing about ways to decorate my new bedroom, while wishing that I could roll over tonight and press the little button that lets down the blackout shades and sets the preset lighting preferences to “relax” mode…

It was a little taste of chic downtown New York living…

hey, a girl always has her dreams. 


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