Lower Manhattan stole my heart.

Hello my little night owls … or Good Morning to all you perfect sleepers!

I think being able to take this weekend away made me realize what it means for hard work to pay off… It was so nice. I got back home late on Sunday and have been reliving my trip over and over again as I edit each photograph. From the hotel, to the restaurants – to the surprising great weather, it was just what I needed. Unfortunately, I think I also need a new computer. I had all intentions of posting more frequently throughout the trip, but you can only do so much with a computer that is running out of disk space – bummed.

Anyway – if I had to pick the highlight of the whole trip it was my Sunday morning adventure to the New Amsterdam Market at the South Street Seaport. Lower Manhattan doesn’t get the love it deserves. Mark my words – over the next few years, great food is going to bring all the boys and girls to their yard – it is the nicest break from the uppitty uptown feel, the streets are inviting, yet not too crowded, and oh wait – what’s better than staring at the big beautiful Brooklyn Bridge as you get to enjoy all the fun by the Seaport. 

Totally romantic part of the town. (hint, hint guys – GREAT date weekend spot).

The New Amsterdam Market was all that and so much more that I expected it to be. Full of life and some really cool people- there was a little taste of everything. From homemade sodas, to free iced coffee… gorgeous greens, to funky finnish breads… I learned a lot and I drooled a lot.

… and I took A LOT of photographs.

I would have taken more but I had to check out from my room at 1 and the market doesn’t really get up and going till 11. I kind of like that – no need to get up extra early on Sunday morning – I was able to get my morning workout in – get things organized and then spend the rest of the morning walking around and enjoying all that the vendors had to offer… And from all over the tri-state – ish area too!

We met a great father and son team with a farm in Princeton, NJ. Never have I ever seen vegetables as beautiful and colorful as their varieties were. They had purple basil and some of the most perfect looking swiss chard and kohlrabi.

Truly almost too beautiful to eat… I could literally smell the basil from 15 feet away. For all my Philly readers – Z Food Farm also sells their amazing veggies at the Rittenhouse Square market on Saturdays… Get there, I mean it. 

There was also some great women there representing Red Bee Honey in Weston, CT. Maybe not the closest destination for most of my readers but I hope that one day you will make the stop. I spoke at length with the owner Marina about her passion for her bees and just in 20 minutes I became aware of just how important being the proper honey connoisseur is.

She provides customers with an extremely high quality artisan honey, with flavors differing from season to season. It is all based on what type of nectar the bee visits – not many people take the time and care to provide such a high quality product. I tried the orange blossom honey. It is a flavor that is difficult to describe. The sweetness is really one of a kind… and the purity of it all is the first thing you notice..

That was really the theme throughout the whole morning. I found a connection to these people mainly because they had the nerve to follow their passions and create products at a quality that only those that truly LOVE what they do can produce. Not one face portrayed an appearance of the … I’m only here because I have to be … each vendor was a proud, well … artist… No matter whether they were in the business of crafting perfect pickles, or roasting the best beans in town – they do it because they love it.

Just like me.

(Shh… my dream market daddy.. So cute right?!)

For ALL THE PHOTOS from the Sunday Excursion

Click Here!


2 thoughts on “Lower Manhattan stole my heart.

  1. Such a wonderful post, Aly. I felt like I took a little tour with you this morning. The other thing about bees is that they’re so critical to the life of our planet…so I’m always glad to hear about beekeepers. Thanks for the great work!

    • So glad that I got to tag along with you on your weekend get-away! Loved seeing it all again with the link to your photos. I’ll keep my eyes open for another Farmers Market hot spot for us to check out next!

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