Taste With Your Eyes: alfredo byo

Hello my Night Owls!

Before I go to bed I wanted to post a link to my updated gallery of images from Berwyn’s hottest eatery, alfredo byo.

Nothing does more justice to a restaurant than a great photograph. Food is made to be captured in an image…. Especially food from this kitchen.

My mom is coming into town for the weekend tomorrow and reservations are made to take her to my new favorite place…. If you feel like coming with me, seriously, just check out these photographs.

1st course: Wild Rucola Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette & Caprese Salad with hand pulled fresh made mozzarella

2nd course: Gnocchi Sorrentino

3rd course: Rigatoni Amatriciana … with pancetta and tomato (AH!)

Dessert Course: Fried to order mini donuts with homemade chocolate and caramel sauce & Chocolate Hazelnut Torte (4 layers of PURE BLISS!).

… and side note, THE MOVE STARTED TONIGHT! If I can put into words just how excited I am to start fresh in a gorgeous place with the most wonderful friend… I think the word is – thankful. And oh wait, we finally will have our own kitchen –

Grad to Gourmet is about to get OH so much better.

Good Night Guys! … I will keep you posted as the dust settles. In the meanwhile, enjoy the sights. It tastes even better than it looks.

Click for the Gallery

668 Lancaster Avenue (Berwyn)


(Make a reservation via opentable.com)


Alfredo Italian Byo on Urbanspoon


One thought on “Taste With Your Eyes: alfredo byo

  1. Aly, you are killing me! My family loves Alfredo’s and I’ve been dying to go. Gorgeous photos! I can practically smell the bread, ah! P.S. Congrats on moving!

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