Christening the Kitch!

Good Morning Ladies and Gents!

It has been a ghost town around town this week. Lucky for me, I picked the emptiest week to MOVE INTO MY NEW PLACE. It has been a week since the first box hit the carpet, and Court and I really love it. The apartment has great energy and it’s so peaceful – just what the two of us needed.

It also has, a great kitchen. The appliances are all brand new, the fridge is so nice and cold that my hummus froze yesterday (a little frustrating when I tried to dip a carrot into it).

This weekend I plan on really breaking the kitchen in. I have all weekend and Monday off (lucky me!) and as you can tell by my silence- I haven’t really had a chance to cook or eat normal meals in a few weeks.  So, needless to say I’m will be putting the free time to good use.

On the menu this weekend:

Fish Tacos.

Saveur Magazine sent me an email about a recipe on Monday, and as if I wasn’t already craving them (summer brings out my inner hispanic girl), that made the cravings worse. They use red snapper and a beer batter… I might adapt that a little bit.

Check out the recipe!

I only wish I had the time to make my own corn tortillas!

Inspired by today’s one day deal at Whole Foods – 2.99/lb organic cherries – Courtney requested we make Panna Cotta this weekend!

With a few teaspoons of my overpriced vanilla,  delish cherries and other fresh fruit on the side, I am really looking forward to this one.

I plan on using David Leibovitz’s recipe.

He calls it – “Perfect Panna Cotta”

I like his suggestion of using half and half instead of heavy cream. I don’t know about you all but when I eat heavy I feel totally out of commission the next day. Not worth it…

Anyway – if time allows I am also going to be working on a little test recipe for cookie dough cake pops. I have avoided the cake pop world for long enough… I still think they are a little bizzarre. Oh, and, organic funfetti cake. As much as I love the easy box mix, it is so stinkin bad for you – so why not make a tasty alternative?

If anyone has any good recipes or anything they think I should try out – as always send them my way!
Can’t wait to get cooking in my new kitchen. (I’ll post picture of it too!)

Have a great day!

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