Goat Cheese Pesto and Grilled Tomatoes.

My craving for pasta yesterday was totally impossible to ignore… all day. Blame me being around Italian bread all week for this little issue! 

So when I went to the produce market after work, I tried to think up a creative dish for dinner that involved anything other than just making a tomato sauce and boiling up some noodles. It wasn’t the kind of dinner to take the easy way out.

In this month’s Real Simple, they feature a bunch of different meal combinations using only 3 ingredients. One of the dishes I remembered was a goat cheese and basil pasta dish.

(Top right if you want to see their take on it)

image from realsimple.com

I used this dish as an inspiration for my dinner. I knew that when I moved into the new place, I brought along  a 3/4 of the way full tub of Whole Food’s Goat Cheese, and the bunches of basil at the market were looking scrumptious and fresh. I also had a big bag of cherry tomatoes waiting at home for me.

Ready in no less than 20 minutes, this dish hit the spot. 

I used whole grain penne, but any noodle will do. Just stay away from any of the long varieties.

While the pasta was boiling I sliced the cherry tomatoes in half and put them on a grill pan with a little bit of salt and olive oil spray.

No more than a minute or so on each side, they were juicy as can be and just a little bit charred!

Since goat cheese is almost too soft to put in a blender, I decided to just make a thick basil oil using the fresh basil, some salt, lemon juice, and olive oil. I didn’t take exact measurements but it’s really one of those sauces that is totally up to your tongue. 

After draining the pasta… Put it back in the pot to keep it warm. 

Once the tomatoes are done, and the basil oil is fully blended, you can put the dish together. For 1 LB of pasta, I used 4 ounces of goat cheese, 3 or so handfuls of basil, about a 1/2 cup of olive oil, and 2 handfuls of cherry tomatoes. 

Begin by sprinkling the basil oil over the pasta and toss it to cover the noodles. Making sure the pasta isn’t hot, but just warm, add the goat cheese and some finely chopped fresh basil… and garnish with the grilled tomatoes, an extra drizzle of lemon juice, and a dash of salt!

It was a really fresh option for the rainy summer night we had here. All I wanted to do was snuggle on the couch with a warm bowl in my hands, and that’s what I got – along with that really good salty, sweet, tangy thing that’s going on with this dish!

Want to see a little peak into the new spot?

Big beautiful countertops and a high bar were at least part of what sold me. Don’t you love our blackboard too?

You can read more about that fiasco on Courtney’s blog: InnerPeach – Check out her “Movin Out” Post.

We also are working on our sitting/dining area.

… Slowly but surely – just like a really good dish – it’s all becoming ours!

Do you like how it looks so far?!

OK. Time to start a day of organizing and cooking .. First, I have to go to the gym to burn off some goat cheese… #workouttobreakeven


4 thoughts on “Goat Cheese Pesto and Grilled Tomatoes.

  1. Love the recipe (especially the shot of you reflected in the blender!) and love how your place is coming together! xoxox, Auntie V.

    • Awesome mike!! Gotta love twitter – and yes, 3 ingredient meals are actually sort of more fun – I need to explore them more myself

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