Easy Slow Oven Tomatoes.

 A quick little mid-day recipe for all my readers. 

Since we are at the peak of tomato season – jersey tomato season for me!! – I wanted to share this not so quick, but oh so easy recipe for slow oven tomatoes.

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 275 degrees.

Step 2: Slice your tomatoes horizontally  and place them sliced side up in a baking dish

Step 3: Brush each tomato with olive oil. I used basil oil (Mmmmmmmmm!!mmmmm)

Step 4: Add a sprinkling of sea salt

Step 5: Place into your preheated oven for three hours. Once hour 3 is up, turn off the oven and let them sit in there for another hour.

Out come these beauties:

You can put these slices on anything from a salad to a sandwich. On this week’s dinner menu are chicken sandwiches – how delicious would these be with a bit of pesto dousing the bread?! … They keep for a week for you can enjoy them endlessly!

(Thanks again to Gwyneth Paltrow and her book, my father’s daughter. If you haven’t checked out the cookbook yet, you should. It’s truly wonderful and full of some really healthy options, and some really creative ones as well)

image from shopping.518box.com

One thought on “Easy Slow Oven Tomatoes.

  1. Hi Aly!
    I love your blog! I always look forward to seeing what kinds of recipes you’re exploring. In fact, I am getting ready to make the ‘slow oven tomatoes’ I can’t wait to
    see how they turn out.

    So tell me where can find ‘basil oil’?, I’ve tried several places here on the west coast and
    have been largely unsuccessful. Keep up the good work!



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