Tacos de Pescado.


This week already feels like it’s going to be a long one doesn’t it?  BUT, I finally have myself a real day off today (party!!). Anyone that is in any food business knows, your weekend only comes when it wants to… therefore my weekend is today… one day. That isn’t a complaint, but it is the reality, and unfortunately if I had more time, I would have cooked so much more this “weekend”. 

What I did make, was delicious though… by the way, have I said how much I love my new kitchen yet? I ADORE MY NEW KITCHEN.

Sunday night, Court and I were finally in the same place at the same time, so I decided to make the fish tacos I had been salivating over. I adapted the recipe from Saveur and also got a little inspiration from “My Father’s Daughter” – Miss Paltrow’s wonderful new cookbook. 

I nixed the beer batter, used tilapia, replaced cilantro for parsley and got the show on the road.

A little bit of prep is necessary before it all really starts.

First, you want to marinate your fish for an hour or so. 

Cut the fish of choice, Tilapia, and let it hang out with a lot of lime juice, salt, and pepper.

Once that is in the fridge, take out a head of green cabbage, and shred it. 

Put the shredded cabbage in a bath of lime and salt for an hour.

When you’re ready to start getting everything together – make your pico de gallo. I like to blanch my red onions in a bath of boiling water for a minute, as it cuts the strong onion flavor.

Dice a few plum tomatoes, red onion, and finally chop parsley or cilantro. Combine them with the juice of a lime and a lemon and salt.

Next, on lightly oiled grill pan, sautee your marinated fish.

A minute or two on each side, making the beautiful grill marks show.

Finish up your toppings prep by slicing your avocado.

Doing this last, keeps the avocado fresh… Nothing worse than brown avocado!

This is the optional step, but I felt like we needed something else to complete the meal. One of my FAVORITE things is Mexican dirty rice. Therefore, I decided to make a vegetarian Dirty Quinoa.

You can use broth or water, but bring two cups to a boil, before adding one cup of quinoa. 

While you are waiting for the boil, you are welcome to sautee some minced sweet onion, bell pepper, and garlic. 

All I did with ours, was add a little bit of seasoning and a can of black beans. You still get the fun, but with less prep time.

Don’t forget to take out your lime cabbage! It is delicious, and after it soaks up all the juice, it is the perfect addition to the fish. It still has the crunch, but it also has awesome flavor.

While Courtney was setting the table, I finished the last little to-do. 

The corn tortillas. I found these delicious yellow corn tortillas at the Fresh Market.

I cleaned off the grill pan from the Tilapia, sprayed a little olive oil spray, and let them get warm and toasty.

Courtney wheeled all of the goodies out to our deck, and we were ready to eat. 

Some additional toppings you might want to add… sour cream, pickled carrots and cucumbers, or corn salsa. But simple is always best.

It was a beautiful night for a dinner outside. 

We filled up each tortilla was the chunks of fish, the pico de gallo, and one of the sweetest avocados I have tasted this season! Oh, and the lime cabbage. Court and I couldn’t get enough of it!

The Dirty Quinoa was the best side. It has the nutty flavor, and the earthy beans all together – not too filling, and of course, you could even throw it on top of the fish if you wanted to!

It was the perfect sweet summer’s night meal. 

Simple and tasty Tacos de Pescado.

4 thoughts on “Tacos de Pescado.

  1. Yummy I heard you talk about the fish taco dinner now I was able to see the final meal… I can taste the lime, salt and avacado along with the flakey fish… so glad to see you love to create in the kitchen.

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