Sweet Strawberry Cake.

Who else had an amazing day?

I know I did.

Hi Guys!

Alright, so maybe when the alarm went off at 4:55 am, I didn’t quite feel this way. I don’t think any pleasant feelings exist that early in the morning BUT I pulled myself up by my bra straps and made sure I had a good day. Work was busy just how I like it (for a change), I had two wonderful meetings, and I made a really delicious dinner and dessert. All is well with the world… or at least I can pretend it is tonight.

I wanted to share something I made this weekend.


Since I have moved out, my aunt Tita has been spoiling me with groceries each time I go visit her and my grandma. I leave with plastic bags full of romaine lettuce, homemade hummus, cucumbers, yogurt.. generosity is my family’s real last name. But I was extra happy last Thursday when Tita sent me home with a pound of fresh strawberries… Perfect, because I had Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for Strawberry Summer Cake in mind.

You start with a light and fluffy cake batter. The basics, a little butter, sugar, baking powder, salt, egg, milk… and vanilla extract. I was much more generous with the vanilla than she suggested in her recipe. 

(Anecdote as to why I love Vanilla and Strawberry – my mom used to take things up a notch when I was a little girl. She would cut my strawberries after school and instead of just putting a dash of powdered sugar, she also added a sprinkling of vanilla sugar too – try it!).

Then, dump out and clean a 1 lb container of strawberries and slice them each in half, removing the tops. 

Press strawberry, cut side down, into the batter. You can make a fancy pattern or just leave them as they fit – but right before you put the dish in the oven, sprinkle a teaspoon or two of sugar over top of the dish. As Smitten Kitchen notes properly, this helps the strawberries become closer to a jam consistency. 

I am sure that my neighbors were curious as to what was in the oven in my apartment that day. It smelled SO good in here! And forget cooling, as soon as that rush of steam hits your nose, you want to dig right in. Give in at least five minutes… maybe six. 

This piece was demolished in a minute. As you can tell by the horrible lighting – ew – this was late at night. Warm cake, low lights, it was impossible not to go back for seconds. 

Sweet. but not too sweet. The perfect amount of crumb. And endless cravings. 

The Strawberry Season Sweet Cake.


One thought on “Sweet Strawberry Cake.

  1. and I’m still always sure to have a few packets of vanilla sugar on the baking shelf! Great photos and love the simplicity of the cake! What do you think about doing the same with blueberries!! (another fave)

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