Some Blog Bisous.

Every once in a while I come across a blog that makes me exclaim aloud how ahhhmazing it is.

This week’s 2 am ahhh ha find:

What Katie Ate. 


I’ve heard it mentioned before, but I never took the mental note and typed it into my browser. She invites you into not only a foodie heaven but a photography lovers paradise. Hello, her recipes are on scanned in photographs in old school typewriter font.

Her work is phenomenal, and if I could only ask her one question it would be – 

How on earth do you have all the beautiful goodies to stage each photograph so precisely?

What Katie Ate is truly a work of art.

…. And with that I send out my bloggy love for the week. xo

One thought on “Some Blog Bisous.

  1. Back atcha with blog readerly love. Youre work is always stellar and you’re always so generous with shining the light on other bloggers out there. Xoxox 😉

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