Grilled Stone Fruit Salad.

How is everyone’s day!?

I am sitting on our big cozy couch, with all the windows open and the air conditioning off. I feel like I am down the shore, minus any humidity. Finally, a truly beautiful day. 

On beautiful days like this, beautiful food should be made. 

This Grilled Stone Fruit Salad is gorgeous. 

If anyone remembers my first taste of this dish at the Wall & Water in New York City…. that is where the inspiration came from.


I was also inspired by the crazy delicious looking fruit at my local produce market. 

And pause there: it might not be obvious to all of you what a stone fruit actually is. Well, it’s simple. 

Stone fruit is just a term used to describe the fruit varieties that come with a “stone” or in less complicated terms, pit, in the center. So… nectarines, plums, cherries, peaches etc.

Begin prep for this dish by slicing and pitting each fruit. You can leave the fruit in halves, or cut them into quarters.

Zest one lemon, and spread the juice of half of the lemon over the fruit pieces. Let it sit for for a few minutes while you allow your grill or grill pan to get warm. 

The aroma of the grilling fruit is something so sweet and delicious it’s difficult to describe. Each fruit caramelizes differently and depending on how ripe they are, you will see the juice slowly seeping out. All you’re looking for by doing this is a little softening of the fruit and for the grill marks to appear.

Once everything is grilled, plate your dish as you like. 

Before serving, sprinkle your lemon zest amongst the pieces, drizzle maple syrup across the fruit, and drop pieces of goat cheese into the mix as well.

Salty & Sweet. Soft, yet crunchy. It is such a step away from the norm, and such a delicious one at that. 

With each bite, get a bit of zest, a chunk of goat cheese, and soak up some of the syrup. You’ll find it’s pretty difficult to leave even a trace of juice behind on the plate…


3 thoughts on “Grilled Stone Fruit Salad.

    • My day was fabulous, thanks for asking! Sounds like yours was too.This post revived my memories of our NYC weekend, ahhhh so much fun…come up so we can hit the farmers market again tomorrow!

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