“Control only that which you can control.”

Translated into: “Chill the eff out.”

What was there to chill out about this week?


The male race.

… the usual.

and throw in… A crashed and burned MacBook.

I can’t control all the happenings at work. I certainly can’t control a stupid boy. But I can control the fact that I was the proud owner of a MacBook that decided to bite the dust on Thursday night.

God Bless the Saint himself – nametag telling me this particular Saint was named “Bill P” – for saving my life and the life of my Mac. If you weren’t aware, Saints live at the geniusbar at all Apple Stores. They wear blue shirts, act super chill, and somehow know every miracle known to the apple loving mankind. They are also extremely generous by nature. 

So generous, that Bill P – St. Bill P – replaced my perished hard drive, updated my operating system – and threw in iLife11, all for.. $0.00.

Bless, his big giving heart. 

You all really should – if you he hadn’t saved this particular day, I might have given up on blogging and photographing forever. 

As I said good-bye to my lifesaver, I reminded him how much more awesome his job is than the job of a doctor. He literally saves lives, free of co-pays and needles.

I’m back. Thanks to Bill.

See you all tomorrow, with a post full of cupcakes and cute kids.



One thought on ““Control only that which you can control.”

  1. You’ve hit on one of the great truths that’s difficult to really get and keeps coming up…I’m glad you weathered the storm with your gratitude in tact! Every once in a while ya just get lucky! Glad you haven’t thrown in the towel, Aly. We would miss your voice out here…

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